All we talk about is the…

…weather. I know. Weather, weather, weather. That’s all we talk about. I might as well perpetuate that stereotype by writing about it and sharing several pictures. It’s cold. Cold, cold, cold. And snowy. Cold and snowy. Brrr. Yesterday’s paper said this is the 4th snowiest winter on record and the coldest winter in 36 years. Brrr. Interesting, even though it has been so cold, only one single-day record was set this season…and that was for being warm…a 47-degree high on December 28th, 2013. Crazy. Crazy cold. But I still like it. And I’m fine with shoveling. Maybe it will kill the chiggers in our backyard 🙂 Did you see the picture from my phone of the crazy -21F (feels like -42F) weather forecast and it says “Fair” – uh? What?

I’m proud to announce that we won the 2013-2014 neighborhood Christmas light challenge once again. It took until mid-February but we outlasted all other houses down the entire length of our street and turned our Christmas lights off last once again. Sweet. Where’s our prize?

And check out that view from the top of the IDS building that I ran up 50 floors. You can see the Metrodome with the roof already gone (by now the entire building has been destroyed as they prepare to build a new stadium).

I had a great trip to Vail, Co. My 9th year in a row going out there. Beautiful scenery. Good weather. Didn’t get that 1′ of snow that I was hoping for but it was still great conditions in most areas.

Christopher is now officially a boy scout. He crossed over the bridge. Woohoo! And I snuck in a few photos that were recently sent to me from past scouting events. What’s that green stuff we’re standing on in that one photo? And his basketball team made it to the final four. They played their best game of the season to advance but then got beat by a really good team. Christopher played a great game – got several rebounds and played tough defense on some of their best players. We went out to dinner last night and he didn’t finish his pasta (which was a fairly small portion to begin with). That’s not normal so I asked him what was going on. His response shocked all of us…a day we thought we’d never see coming…he said there was too much parmesan cheese on his pasta. Our jaws dropped. We were all stunned 🙂

Colleen is still dancing up a storm and did great in all of her dances at the competition last weekend. And Megan talked mommy into making crepes this morning – her favorite 🙂

Happy Birthday Grandma! Enjoy your special day 🙂

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