Birthday Elf

Next week is Megan’s “graduation” from ECFE 2-year old class, so today they celebrated all of the summer birthdays. For some reason they made elf hats as part of this celebration 🙂 Megan has loved going to this class each week. She gets to sing and eat snacks – the highlight of her week!


I don’t remember ever asking to have warm clothes dumped on me. This must be a Schmidt thing. Beth loves clothes from the dryer dumped on her, and so does Christopher. I wish they liked folding the clothes as much as they like sitting under them 🙂 Here’s Christopher getting toasty warm.


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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever had clothes from the dryer dumped on me, but I do like the feel and smell of clothes right out of the dryer.

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