Breakfast in bed

Nothing beats having your kids bring you breakfast in bed. The kids and I got up early today and decided to make waffles, pancakes and crepes – so we measured and poured and cracked and mixed and got everything ready. While we were doing that I plugged in the waffle iron and turned on the skillet. The waffle iron starts heating up and we got a few wiffs of waffles cooking – smelled so good and we hadn’t done anything yet. So we keep measuring and pouring and stirring, and the smell from the waffle iron starts to smell more burnt that good – but we haven’t even opened it up yet – haven’t even poured anything on to it. A few minutes pass…and the smell is getting worse…so I decide to open the waffle iron (sometimes it overheats – that could be it, right?). But no…it wasn’t just overheating…it was completely burning a waffle that was in there (yes, we stored the waffle iron for probably 3 or 4 weeks with a waffle in it – oh sure, like you’ve never done that???). It took a while but someone (not me) now remembers cooking that last waffle (doesn’t remember what happened to it after that, but remembers cooking it)…and I’m sure I saw the closed, cooled-down waffle iron on the counter and figured it was ready to be put away…so that’s what I did…a month ago 🙂

Makes my mouth water just watching the steam rise off of it:

Other than the sacrificial waffle we had a pretty good mother’s day. Church was amazing today (Mozart’s Requiem with guest soloists and 19-piece orchestra to accompany our chancel choir and organ), followed by burgers and shakes at Convention Grill, planting a ton of stuff in our yard (which may be a bit risky since we had FROST this morning), and some Vietnamese take-out for dinner (whatever mommy wants, mommy gets). The best news of the day though was reading the sports section and seeing that E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson withdrew their names from the NBA draft and will both return to Purdue for the senior seasons!!! Boiler up!

Thank you mom, dad, Katherine and Sarah for coming out to visit us a few weeks ago. We had a great time. It went so fast but it was great to see everybody, and catch up on things, and to hold and play with Sarah so much. She’s so cute and at a fun age (I kid you not – enjoy it – time goes way too fast). Thanks for letting me win in dominos too. Glad Christopher didn’t share his strep with anyone…

Sarah – here you are at the Children’s Musem. Someday you’ll have to ask mommy to show you how baby possums are made. Your mommy horrified children and parents all around her at the museum by turning an innocent hand puppy into a birthing exhibit. We started out innocently talking about ‘opossum’ versus ‘possum’ (BTW, both are acceptable) and then your mommy got out of control playing teacher for all the kids.

Here’s my bid for National Geographic’s sentimental animal photo of the year…mommy duck staring at the broken egg behind her…no new eggs yet but daddy duck is sure trying to make up for lost ground…easy big guy.

And here’s the graduating class of 2010…I’ve only seen two fish since their deployment several weeks ago…once it warms up I’m sure I’ll see them all again (either that or I’ll find another big snake living in the pond).

Megan has started saying “big ol'” – as in “that’s a big ol’ rock” or “big ol’ weed” or “big ol’ flower”…where does she pick this stuff up? Here she is with a big ol’ rat from preschool.

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  1. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    I never like cleaning the waffle iron after waffles stick. I never thought of using the self-cleaning feature like you did. I wonder if your month old waffle started out with a green fuzzy covering? That looked like one big ol’ messy waffle iron.

    We sure enjoyed our visit with your family. Wish we could have stayed a little longer, but we enjoyed all we got to do with your family and Katherine and Sarah. Although I’ll never be any good at it, I was glad I got to play disc golf. Thanks for everything, especially a wonderful time with your family and the shuttle service from and to the airport. All of our flights were good and right on time. We were glad we got to see Grandma and other family members in Indiana. It would be nice if you can make it down to see her. I know she would be glad to see all of you.

    You might be surprised someday to see a new addition to the children’s museum feauring hand puppets and possums. When you do, you’ll be able to boast that your sister was the inspiration for it.

    I like your wildlife photos (but I like the family photos best). Have you sent the duck one to NG yet? They do have contests in various categories. It does tell a story and I like the colors, etc. I especailly like the one with the big ol’ rat and it’s caretaker. I’m glad Snickers joined us and survived the weekend. I wasn’t sure at first as active as Orca is and the way she likes to play so much.

    Thanks for the update and pics and most of all for the wonderful time with your family.

  2. admin says:

    The waffle in the waffle iron was so burnt that it completely slid off of the waffle iron (in pieces) and left no mess to clean up at all. It was probably easier to clean it this way than normally! I’m glad you got to play disc golf too – I had thought about taking you out there for a while. It’s another great way to see what Minnesota has to offer. Thanks again for coming out – you’ll have to do it again sometime soon 🙂

  3. Aunt Katherine says:

    I’m still appalled by my opossum ‘show’. Hey it’s best to let kids know early on the facts of life. And, is it really that much better to stick your hand up where the baby is supposed to go??!!
    We had a great time out there, and hope to do that again… maybe on my maternity leave. I’ve learned my lesson though, it’s worth the money to get Sarah her own seat on the plane! If I knew she would flip out on the plane like that, we might not have ever left your house! Tell everyone I said hi.

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