Bob Barker would be proud of us. Although he isn’t Orca’s biggest fan right now.

Yep, no puppies in her future. Dogs always look so sad wearing their cones – you can tell they know exactly how dumb they look. She’s getting bigger, huh? And needs a haircut 🙂

Last weekend I climbed 30 flights of stairs in my fire gear. We (Eden Prairie) finished 4th out of 9 fire departments. Minneapolis won of course, and I think 2nd place went to a department from Iowa – if you’re driving that far you’d better be good at it. We’re just a bunch of hacks – and shocked that 5 teams did worse than us 🙂 This weekend I climbed another 50 flights (over 1200 steps) up the IDS tower in Minneapolis. It is the blue building in the center of this picture. They also have a firefighter challenge but I didn’t compete in it this year. It actually wasn’t that bad to run up – it helped that I got stuck behind several families making a day of it :). Based on my time (a bit over 11 minutes) I would have finished 86th out of 204 emergency personnel. Next year I’ll definitely be back…85th place is all mine!

We went to downtown St. Paul yesterday to the Science Museum. Checked out the dinosaurs and learned how much snot, spit, and urine we produce each day. Yuck. The kids had fun playing in this mist machine (it was cool – they projected words onto the mist that you could run through).

I was in charge of Megan last week when first she bumped her head on a table (her story, seriously, is that Orca pushed her from behind), and then she went sledding a little while later and ended up dragging her forehead on the ground right over that same swollen bump. The end result is this big ol’ scabby area.

Tonight we had chocolate ice cream and both Beth and I almost wiped the scab on her forehead thinking it was ice cream (can you blame us?).

2 Responses to “Conehead”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Too bad Megan wasn’t wearing a cone when the table got in her way and when she was sledding. The scrape on her forehead almost looks like a heart for Valentine’s day. I bet it’s almost fully healed from all the kisses it got. The ice cream cone looks good. I almost bought some ice cream tonight. Now I wish that I had.

    Glad Daddy made it up and down all those stairs OK. Those are certainly very worth causes. Good job.

    Is your next project a mist machine for your basement? I bet the kids will help you make it.

  2. Aunt Katherine says:

    Poor Megan, but even with the scab, she is still adorable.

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