Cow parts

Here’s Megan with her ducks (look close – there are two). She often flings open the sliding door to yell at the squirrels (“Go away! Have a nice day!”), which of course completely scares the ducks – but they obviously are getting less and less worked up by her.


And here she is relaxing…


Last night we were reading the Berenstain Bear’s “C” book and I asked Megan what body part the cows were using to balance the cake. The correct answer is “nose”, but she went with “beak”. I then asked her what the (udder) was called. She guessed “butt” which cracked me up. So we talked about milk coming out of the udder, and that this is what you make cream and butter with. So she started guessing other things that come out of the udder. “Mustard come out of udder?”, “Eggs come out of udder?”, “Beer come out of udder?”. Hee hee.

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