Friday Night Destruction

We went to Friday Night Destruction tonight at the Raceway Park in Shakopee.

We saw figure 8 races, flag pole races, etc. Those drivers are nuts – totally insane!!! I took Colleen and Christopher, and we met up with a friend and his two kids, Drew & Tyler.

Colleen’s favorite part was the figure 8 race, Christopher’s favorite part was the licorice 🙂

The rocketman was there – some nut job with two prosthetic legs (b/c he lost his other ones racing his first jet powered car) who rigged an insanely loud jet engine to a rocket car – that thing can put out the heat! He did some laps early on…

…and the grand finale of the evening was when they chained a car to the back of his rocket and he fried it to a crisp with his engine! Don’t let their expressions fool you – the kids secretly loved this part 🙂

I used to go to a small track in New Hampshire while in high school. I loved the races and watching the cars get smashed up. The one thing this track didn’t have was a demolition derby…those were always a ton of fun!

Megan got to hang out at home (literally) while we were at the racetrack.

Things have moved fast this week after losing Raja. Mid-week Megan was saying Raja died because she didn’t eat breakfast (she’ll be traumatized for life about skipping breakfast) and Christopher was asking questions about the cremation such as “Daddy, will her eye balls burn too?”. With amazing speed, Beth already put a deposite on another dog – I can’t believe that happened so fast. I also can’t believe my family is seriously entertaining the idea of getting a cockapoo (or spoodle, or cockerpoo, or cockerdoodle, or cockadoodle, or cockoodle), or what I have decided to call this mutt we haven’t even met yet…kaka-poo. I’m not thrilled about all of the things that come with this breed of dog…drinking only perrier bottled water, dressing my dog in a sweater at all times, getting my legs waxed, always dressing my kids alike every time we go out in public…but if it makes the kids and Beth happy then I can live with it…for fifteen yuppy-puppy years…

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    The races look like a lot of fun! David, do you remeber the chariot races at Hudson? They were always my favorite. I also liked the spectator races. I still remember a Mustang with a for sale sign that started the race in real nice condition and didn’t finish in the same condition – should have just painted a bullseye on the car.

    If you want a “real” dog, I still have connections at the shelter. I just looked and they must have received a new shipment in from Alabama recently. I took Casey back to the vet yesterday for more blood work. Life was simpler and less expensive when dogs were just animals and not family members…

  2. Dave says:

    Yah, I remember the chariot races, school bus races, and of course the demolition derby (and I even remember that car with the “for sale” sign that got smashed up). I don’t think they have a demo derby here…and it is amazing how few wrecks there are in the figure 8 race. Every time I leave one of those places as I drive away I feel like gunning it and smashing into something!

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