Frozen pumpkins

How do you know when it is time to put away the Halloween stuff? I give up -when? Seriously – when?

This is the morning of our neighborhood’s progressive dinner. Yes, the pumpkins were all gone by the time anyone came over. Yes, they were solid and rolled like bowling balls down the hill in back. This was also the day I finally found time to hang up the Christmas lights – nothing like wedging the ladder in a snow bank to keep it steady. We finally are getting some real snow. The kids can’t wait to get home so that they can immediately run out to the backyard and sled, sled, and sled. Who would have thought that Megan would suddenly be my biggest outdoor helper – she has helped me shovel the drive the last few nights – using a huge shovel of course. For some reason she keeps calling this “raking” and corrects me when I try to correct her. I’m not sure who is winning this verbal war right now – she might be ahead.

Orca LOVES the snow – she is like a bullet racing around and jumping. Her favorite thing to do is run in front of the sled as it is zooming down the hill, and then as soon as the kids slow down she pounces on them and steals their hats. It’s a riot how good she is at that. What a pest!

We survived the progressive dinner in our neighborhood, and as far as we know there were no casualties from our soup and salad course. Thanks to both parents for providing our recipes 🙂 I bet we have over 50 or 60 people participate – it is great to sit and talk to so many people in the neighborhood.

Colleen’s latest phase is playing geography games online ( She’s kicking my behind on Level 6 of the state game. I’m sure she’ll be up to level 7 tomorrow, and so on. Can you beat her?

We went to Megan’s school program…she decided not to sing once we got there…which isn’t surprising since she had only been there four days total. Santa came…and Megan waited to be the absolutely very last person on his lap…

Only the kids who stay up until 10:00 p.m. get their picture taken…Colleen and Christopher missed it by an hour and a half.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Best advice I can offer is when Halloween is over. Mom may not agree though. This year I got rid of the pumpkins and corn stalks first trash pick up after Halloweeen. Mom said I was too quick in getting rid of the corn stalks though.

    I liked the picture with Santa and the doll (both little dolls).

    I looked at the games on line site, but didn’t take the time to try any of them. Will have to look at it again soon.

    Glad to hear the progessive dinner was a success. It’s nice your neighborhood is trying to get to know one another better.

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