Get off your butt

Sunday we did the March of Dimes walk. A giant loaf of bread slapped stickers on the kids right before this picture – yes, we love bread, but not enough to wear stickers everywhere. We’ve done this for over 10 years (since we lived in Chicago). This year it was 6 miles. Actually there was a shorter 4-mile version that I was shocked so many people chose – we didn’t see many strollers on the 6-mile version. Over the years we’ve pushed multiple strollers, walked in snow, walked in rain, got served Eli’s cheese cake in Chicago, lost a first tooth…this year started a bit chilly but turned into a beautiful day. Colleen and Christopher brought their scooters. Colleen walked more than she scooted, but Christopher probably covered 7 miles on his scooter – he would zip and zoom way ahead of us, and then come back to us, and then go out of sight again, and then come back – he was non-stop!

March of Dimes

Already this year I’ve climbed 35 flights of stairs (in full fire gear) for the Lung Association; did the 50k race a few weeks ago for the parks district; did the fun run Saturday for the schools; and did the March of Dimes 6-mile walk. Coming up I’ll do several 5k races for various causes, bike rides for the MS society, and the Relay for Life all night walk for the Cancer Society, plus who knows what else. Money for a good cause + exercise for me = perfect combo. Can you keep up – what are you waiting for?

Here’s Colleen fixing Megan’s hair up just right.


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