Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary everybody. Hope you went out and had the times of your lives. Things are still out of control here and I’m losing ground. Had a great trip and got to see Grandma T. She was still quite with it – but the hearing thing makes it hard. She had a sense of humor and I’m glad the kids got a quick chance to see her. It’s hard to do such a quick visit – glad we did it but am left wondering if we should have stayed longer even though I know that wasn’t very realistic.

Surprised the kids with a trip to the Wisconsin Dells after Rochester – went to a new place this time – Wilderness Territory. It was huge but not necessarily better. We got to play outside this time though. Wheee.

Christopher has been in this phase where he wants me to take two pictures. And then smiles differently in both of them. He never asks to see the pictures afterwards – but he always wants two taken as he experiments with which look will get the ladies. Hey ladies – which one drives you crazy, the one above or this one?

Keeping gaining weight. We have to go out for ice cream every time Colleen scores a goal and she’s on a roll now – 1 or 2 goals each the last 3 or 4 games. Plus Beth bought herself a cake for her birthday – at Costco. The thing barely fit on our counter. Supersize me.

Kids are getting richer. Colleen lost two molars in the past few weeks. Christopher keeps losing teeth too – I think he pulls them on purpose just to make a quick buck. Not sure he understands his supply will run out soon at this rate.

Go Celtics. Common KG. Get your act together.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Woohoo. Raa raa.

Couldn’t fit plates or bowls in our cupboard so I paused a minute and carefully analyzed the situation. I think the problem is that we have enough gum scattered throughout the cupboard to fill an entire freezer bag. Stay with me here…[me] Alex, I’ll take compulsive shopping for $400. [Alex] The answer is “Zero”. [me] What is how many of those packets I’ve bought? [Alex] Correct.

Went to Schooner Days again (or Scooter Days as Megan keeps calling it). Megan loved every ride and went or more than anyone. I just ate cheese turds by the fistful.

I forced Christopher to ride with Megan – he was very glad to do this and couldn’t contain his excitement (hey buddy, keep that attitude and I bet that other guy in the picture can tell you where you’ll be in 15 years).

How about this one -my camera takes amazingly fast pictures – not a blur at all. Or maybe it’s because the kids came to a complete stop on the slide. Lamest slide I’ve ever seen. The dude even let them go again – he sprayed Pledge all over the hilly parts before they went – didn’t help Megan at all. Boooooo.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    I’m so glad you made it down to see Grandma T. and I know she was really gald to see all of you again. Even though it was a brief visit, I know she enjoyed it. Phil and Pat enjoyed their brief visit with you also and have commented several times about how well the young Thompsons behaved and how much Grandma enjoyed their escort service and visit. Sounds like they deserved your stop at the Dells. The pictures of your family with Grandma are really nice. I assume you’ll be sending her some, so we won’t.

    You didn’t solicit my input, but I like picture #2 of Christopher. Colleen and Megan have the same pretty smile in both pictures. It’s nice that all of your kids still are such willing photo subjects. I hope that continues as they get older. We always enjoy the updates and the current news and happenings. Christopher looks like one mean biker dude. That’s probably why he wasn’t smiling. I’m sure it had nothing to do with attitude. Maybe in a few years Christopher will have a real Harley and lots of tatoos, but I hope not.

    Congratulations Colleen on your soccer goals. Keep up the good work and keep having fun. The World Cup starts in a couple of days. I hope I can watch a lot of the games. I’ll have to practice on my DVD recording in case my work schedule interferes.

    We hope you had a Happy Birthday, Beth. Sorry we didn’t call to sing to you. It’s probably better that we didn’t. I think Brooks tried to call you last night, but not sure if she caught up with you.

    Thanks again for the update and also for the anniversary wishes. We eventually will make it out to dinner to celebrate. Mom has been too busy at work with parties and lunches. It’s almost the end of the school year and each night she says she is still too full to go out to dinner. Maybe next week.

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