No. 19 Purdue Routs No. 6 Michigan State, 72-54

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Purdue showed off their new uniforms and routed Michigan State. They’ll get to do this again at Michigan State in a week or two.

We survived our annual weekend of church camp. No tv in our room, no nintendo. Really roughing it. The kids love going to this camp. We do a lot of crafts (this year we made clay masks) and play a lot of games including broomball on a lake outside. The theme this year was “the many faces of God”…in each other, all the time, all around us. On the drive home, as we drove through a small town, Megan suddenly yelled out “I see God”. I was impressed that she was already applying the lessons we learned…but we soon realized she was telling us that she saw some leftover Christmas decorations of baby Jesus in a manger. Oh well…close enough.

I didn’t collect that many things as a kid – stickers, maybe pennants. Anything else? I finally put those stickers to good use. Christopher had to bring in 100 things to celebrate the 100th day of school. He used 100 of my stickers (20-plus-year-old-stickers). Unfortunately the MOTBY, Reagan-Bush ’84, and Cincinnati radio station stickers were too big. Here’s a before and after.

This weekend I head to Vail. I’ve done this same trip the past 3 years and am thankful Beth gave me permission to go again 🙂 Beth’s parents are coming up to help with the kids. Thank you!!! I was telling Beth tonight Christopher dressed himself yesterday and his pants were on backwards. I thought it was funny and cute until she told me the last time he wore those pants was to church when Beth and Colleen were out of town and he had to play bells in front of the whole congregation. Apparently I also let him dress himself that Sunday because Beth said when we got home from church she noticed his pants were on backwards then too (yes, in front of the whole congregation, and to Sunday school, etc) – cracks me up 🙂

Go Boilers!

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  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    That is too funny that Christopher had his pants on backwards in front of your whole congregation. I love that! Erik put Sarah’s pants on backwards a while ago… I couldn’t believe he didn’t notice it. Hope you’re all doing great.

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