Nov and Dec catch-up

Ok…got a new computer (it’s been a pain to find and organize photos without it the way I like)…Beth’s PhD is done…I finished running my 2nd marathon of the year (4th total in the past 2.5 years)…kids are getting settled into school and sports…so I can FINALLY get around to sharing pictures from LAST November and December. Sad, I know. But hopefully I’m back now and can get these out at least once a month again. Here’s to hoping for that anyway 🙂 Yes these are from November and December of 2016. You’ll just have to wait for pics of Beth’s PhD 🙂

Last year I ran my first ever Moustache Run. This is part of Movember activities that raise money for men’s health issues. By race day there are so many creepy looking guys…and I was proudly one of them 🙂 December probably couldn’t come soon enough for Beth!



Eden Prairie made it to the state football championship, which means we got to see the inside of the new Vikings arena for the first time. It is huge and confusing…I can’t imagine what it is like on game day and packed with people. I’m sure I sound like the old man that I’m becoming, but no thanks – watching those games on tv is fine with me.


Look at the guilty face. Poor puppy. Orca loves scratching her back on the Christmas tree. I may join her this year 🙂


I’m guessing this was the same night that I took the kids to be part of the cloud chorus at the mall of america (good luck finding us in this video). There were only so many rehearsals we could take of that same song so we left the chorus early…and ran into the cast from Harry Potter at the bookstore. These characters obviously took what they were doing very seriously – and I think a few were blurring the lines between living in our world and living in their own little Harry Potter worlds. They were the ones with wands and murmuring about spells, so I’ll let them believe whatever they want to.



Genesis taught us how to make Pan de Jamon (or as I like to say, pandejamonium – sorry). So easy, and so yummy. I can eat this for days. Buen provecho! Eden Prairie has a great Venezuelan restaurant to get our arepa fix. I definitely recommend searching for a Venezuelan restaurant near you (wherever you may be)!


Nothing makes me quite feel valued as a dad, as coming home to loving notes such as these. Warms my heart. Who doesn’t love presents at Christmas time? Let me know if you want pictures of what was inside the commode 😉


Do you ever get tired of the annual leaf photos? Fun times. I love fall (and winter, spring and summer too I guess). But it’s hard to beat that perfect fall day!






And it’s days like these when I miss fall even more 🙂 I don’t think we have many more years of snowball fights. How come their main play time together has the word “fight” in it? I should just be happy that they are playing together, right?




Ok, that wraps up 2016 (whew!)…bring on the new year 😉

7 Responses to “Nov and Dec catch-up”

  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Glad you are back on line and in the process of catching up. I always enjoy the pics and your comments. Also checked out your links. My days of running may be over, but maybe I can start preparing for the world beard/mustache championship. Some of the contestants shown on the MJ Johnson video in the Mustache Run link are spooky! I couldn’t find any of you in the MoA clip of the Chorus for a Cause. Looked like a very impressive and emotional event. Always enjoy the leaf pics. Thanks again for everything last week. We are so thankful we got to spend some time with your family, but it went too fast.

  2. admin says:

    I would definitely support you in the world beard championship – no time to waste – get growing!!! I wasn’t in those video links, but Kristin and I did make it on links for this 5K we did…I just wish when she said “quick, wave your hands and give a cheesy smile” that I wouldn’t have listened 🙂
    It was great to have you both our here for so long – amazing week filled with good memories!

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