OCD randomness

This past year I’ve definitely started knocking more things down. For example, I’ll reach for something in the medicine cabinet and knock over something small like chapstick. But what is super cool is that my reflexes and reaction time this past year have become amazing. I catch 90% of the things that I knock over. So as that chapstick is falling to the ground my hand has already shot out and caught it. I guess if I’m going to get more clutsy as I get older then I might as well improve in other areas.

Who else in the family taps the back of their finger nails on walls, rails, doors as they walk down halls or stairways? Common – don’t hold back. I’ve been doing this forever. Sometimes I have to tap in groups of 3 or some other number – or I have to tap a few times to get that perfect tap (just enough contact with the nail only, but not too much contact). Or how about this one, whenever I pair up my shoes it drives me nuts if they aren’t facing each other properly. The left shoe on the right side just won’t do. Hey, it’s not like I can’t stand the sound of metal utensils scraping against someone else’s teeth? Heh heh. And maybe I do still play with imaginary friends, but if they weren’t so darn competitive then I’d be able to stop – they just won’t quit or let me win – grrrrrr.

I remember as a kid I used to try to double-back on all of my paths (e.g., if I came in a building a certain way then I would want to leave by retracing my steps). I think that was a big thing for me in New Jersey. I also still try to keep my sock drawer as neat as possible. But this one isn’t because I’m obsessive, it’s because I read in a magazine a while ago that guys with neater sock drawers get more action. Every little bit helps šŸ™‚

Ok, enough with all that craziness. Am I alone with that – or am I the normal one?

We had a fun 4th of July weekend. Spent a lot of time at Round Lake for the festivities – bike parade, music, games, you name it…

Colleen and a friend used a big slingshot to launch 9 water balloons at Christopher and a friend (who had 9 of their own to shoot back). Here they are waiting for a balloon to splash over them.

Colleen won the hula hoop contest for her age group at the 4th of July contest. Here she is wearing the grand prize…

Beth wrapped the kids in toilet paper for another event. Hee hee hee.

Buzz buzz buzz.

3 Responses to “OCD randomness”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Better check with your mother (if she’ll admit it). It’s most likely one of those “first born” traits. I have a few quirks, some I keep just to keep mom on her toes.

    Congratulations, Colleen. Really cool prize. The water balloon slingshot sounds like a lot of fun. With the hot humid weather we’ve had recently it would be a great way to cool off. And exactly what was the event in which your kids were wrapped in toilet paper??? That doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do in this hot humid weather.

    Better go. I have to go straighten my sock drawer.

  2. Dave says:

    Common’ – I opened up like that and you don’t share anything? How about this one dad – how often do you find yourself flexing in front of the mirror and at what age does the frequency of that stop increasing? I can barely pass a mirror anywhere without doing a few of my best poses – did I get that from you, or from mom?

  3. Brooks Thompson says:

    It looks like you had a fun July 4th with all the various activities. One of the reasons Eden Prairie is #1. I don’t do some of the quirky things you mentioned, but I do count steps. I remember one time many years ago Dad, Katherine and I were in Boston and were walking up all the steps at Government Center and when we got to the top both Katherine and I said the number of steps we had just walked up. We were surprised to find out we both counted steps. I’ll bet the kid’s swimming will improve with the pool in your backyard. What a fun way to spend the summer.

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