Pre-Chicago Randomness

We’re heading to Chicago and Indiana for the next week…here is a bunch of randomness. I think I had a rare migraine this week…they don’t happen that often but man does it make you want to reach in and rip out your eyeball ! They suck. I’ll chalk this one up to pre-trip work stress combined with roofing-dumpster-in-the-driveway-still-blocking-our-cars plus extended-dig-up-dirt-road-in-front-of-our-house plus Christopher’s-surgery plus getting-hottub-leaks-fixed-repeatedly stressors!!! Here’s a picture of 12 men in action working over time to get our small section of the road completed in under two weeks.


They’ve modeled their breaks after a hobbit’s 7-meal-a-day schedule: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, etc…we had a dozen of them on our lawn at once! And here’s what they accomplished in two days…complete blockage of our road by any type of vehicle. We are now safe from enemy tanks!


I brewed beer again at Vine Park the past few weeks. This is the second time I have done that. I went with the same person and this time we had a few other co-workers come too. It is fun and you leave with a few cases of beer. Hard to beat that.

Christopher is pretty talented on his scooter. Can you guess which foot he uses for his brake (instead of using the brake that is built into the scooter)? Where can you go to buy just left sneakers?


I know the ducks will hatch while we’re gone this week. I just hope I don’t find them all stuck in the filter of my pond when we get back (pleasant thought, huh?). The stream will certainly carry them away if they take a wrong step…time will tell.

Megan has started wanting to wear Christopher’s pajamas. She’ll run into the room and proudly tell you “these are my boy pajamas”. Here she is doing a muscle pose while wearing them. Goof ball.


2 Responses to “Pre-Chicago Randomness”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Remember when you worked for the Street Department and spent a few afternoons relaxing in lawns and I said it might not be so funny when you are a tax payer?? Makes you wonder what they are looking for. I hope they remove the keys from their equipment before they leave in the afternoon. Which of your three do you think would be the first to try to operate one of the machines?? Looks like Christopher shouldn’t mind if they take their time finishing the job. Sure is a nice big “sandbox” to play in. I like Megan’s muscle pose.

  2. Dave says:

    What are you talking about??? Can you prove that the city paid me to relax on lawns??? Got any pics??? Ahhhh…the memories…when we were paving roads Big Al would yell out every day “Whose fault is it?” and we would all yell back “Al’s Fault” (asphalt – get it? Never got old.) That was a lot harder work than one would think. I lost weight every summer doing that…and got a tan…and learned what dirty old men find in other people’s garbage…and sometimes leaned on shovels too…

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