Randomness + 2013 birthdays

Wow – got a bit behind on birthdays from last year 🙂 But first, here are some thoughts to go with the very random pictures this month. I’m sure you can easily guess which is which for all of them!

– Christopher and JT entered the science fair this year. They tested to see which material made the best paper airplanes. Science made throwing paper airplanes not so much fun 🙁 But I think they’re over that now!
– I ran up the IDS tower (50 floors; 1280 steps) in exactly 10 minutes (10:00) – this is what my goals has been for several years (so now I never have to run up it again!). Ha – I’ll be back next year!!!
– Megan got the great idea to throw a birthday party for Susana before she left (ignoring the fact that her birthday is in April). We’ll take any excuse we can come up with to have more cake in the house! 🙂 It was fun for everyone.
– Beth led the webelos through a science experiment in our kitchen. They extracted DNA from strawberries. It turned out awesome and got the boys an extra STEM award for all of their hard work.
– Cutest little snow covered yeti was found in our backyard 🙂
– Our last pinewood derby – Christopher got 2nd place overall. Actually…his sister Megan got 2nd place overall but she wasn’t officially allowed to win. Exact weight, straight axles, and graphite are the secrets to the race. The kids did work every step of the way – these were no “Dad’s cars”.
– Before Susana left we had to help her try junk cereals. Another perk of having an intern 🙂
– Christopher has been sniffling and sneezing and wheezing for months and months and months – since last summer. It got to where meal time was filled with odd noises at every bite and all of us telling him to go blow his nose (again). We took him in for allergy testing and unfortunately for Sammy (his guinea pig) it turned out that Christopher was allergic to him. So it was a sad day for Christopher as they brought him in to the humane society to be adopted.
– Frozen waterfall caves at Minnehaha
– So in order to brighten back up Christopher’s day…we bought him a tiny, little donut 🙂
– Poop. Poop. Poop.
– I keep telling Megan it is a waste of money to put a dollar into “the claw” game but she always wants to and is convinced that she’ll win. I thought I’d teach her a lesson and let her spend one of her dollars at the Mall of America. Of course she won on her first try (while Christopher went on rides in the background of the picture).
– I had to rescue a dumb bird who snuck between our screen and window and got stuck. His little birdy buddy kept flying up to the screen directly outside of him – I think he was telling him what a dumb little bird he was.
– We have seen crazy cold negative temperatures this year but I still love the menacing “minus zero” reading we get every so often.
– Name any foods that Spam doesn’t go with. Doesn’t exist. We brought Mom’s pudding/cake dessert to the next level!

CHRISTOPHER(April) – amazing how consistent some of these answers are without the kids looking back to last year’s answers:
My favorite food is…pasta (and ice cream)
When I grow up I want to be a…scientist
My favorite restaurant is…Noodles
My favorite possession is…iPod Touch
My favorite color is…teal
My favorite song is…I Have a Feeling
My favorite book is…Ranger’s Apprentice series
My favorite movie is…no clear favorite…a lot are tied…Gilligan’s Island is a favorite series
My favorite holiday is…Christmas or birthday (because I get lots of presents)
My favorite season is…winter (sledding!)
My favorite thing to do is…read
If I could do anything tomorrow I would…go to Florida (body boarding)
It would be a really good year this year if…we went to Florida

My favorite food is…Mommy’s mac & cheese
When I grow up I want to be a…fire fighter (because I like helping people)
My favorite restaurant is…Noodles
My favorite possession is…Penguiy (stuffed animal)
My favorite color is…blue
My favorite song is…Live While We’re Young (One Direction – all of their songs)
My favorite book is…Hunger Games, and then Shark Boy & Lava Girl, and then Harry Potter
My favorite movie is…Harry Potter
My favorite holiday is…Christmas and Halloween (because I get presents and candy)
My favorite season is…winter and summer (because my birthday is in the summer and in winter you can go sledding and Christmas is in winter)
My favorite thing to do is…sled
If I could do anything tomorrow I would…go skiing – and go to Spain
It would be a really good year this year if…turned 9

My favorite food is…apple sauce
When I grow up I want to be a…dance
My favorite restaurant is…Punch Pizza
My favorite possession is…iPhone
My favorite color is…yellow
My favorite song or group is…Imagine Dragons
My favorite book or author is…Fault in our Stars, John Green
My favorite movie is…Hunger Games (I don’t really care)
My favorite holiday is…Christmas (presents)
My favorite season is…fall (because that’s the season of her birthday)
My favorite thing to do is…dance
If I could do anything tomorrow I would…hang out with friends
It would be a really good year this year if…got platinum awards at dance competitions

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