Ready or not, here we come

This was a milestone week…the first time ever we’ve seen boy-band posters hanging in the girl’s room!!! And so it begins 🙂

Summer has been off to a busy start. Baseball and soccer just finished this week and the kids have already been through Vacation Bible School, football camp, and dance/cheer camp, plus we just held a birthday party for Megan this past weekend and also had almost 30 people at our house from my work (kids were included – it was a fun time to catch up with everyone). They have all loved everything so far. The picture of Megan smiling while she dribbles the soccer ball happened right after the ball accidentally bounced right off her head so she was laughing at that still 🙂 In VBS they even got to snorkel in the shark infested water that goes over the see-through tunnel that people walk through at the Mall of America’s under-water-world (Colleen says she got to wave and be in lots of photos for people). Now that Beth isn’t working we’ve been taking advantage of more date nights…in the past month we’ve hit Bar La Grassa, 112 Eatery, Broder’s Pasta Bar (it’s much nicer than it sounds), Sebastian Joe’s ice cream, Marvel Bar, and Origami (we did Omakase there with a friend where we sat at the sushi bar and had the sushi chef bring us whatever wonderful creations he had the urge to make for us). I’ve eaten a lot of sushi before but I had many firsts that night – it was all amazing except for the part where as soon as I put some sort of eel in my mouth I almost instantly couldn’t feel half of my tongue – that was another first for me but I seemed to make a full recovery within an hour or so – yikes!. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve got to check some places off my list that I wanted to try for a while 🙂

Flowers are starting to bloom in the yard but it looks like we’ll just miss most everything popping for the first time and putting on a great show. We also finally are having a good year for raspberries so our dog watcher may get less money and more raspberries for payment 🙂

Ok…had to post this quickly…ready or not, here we come…off to see (great) Grandma T…

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  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    So glad you came out and thanks for all the help with the girls and around the house. I’ve got most of the second wall done and now am filling in behind both walls. It looks real nice. I think I’ve got most of the dirt sifted that I’m going to, so hopefully it won’t take too long to get it all filled in. Only have one day left before we leave, so probably won’t get much done until we get back. I have 3 appointments tomorrow so that will take away from my work time. Daniel, Jackie and the boys get back late tonight. We are going to try and see them tomorrow night. We had both girls over the weekend and took them back to Erik’s yesterday afternoon.

    Thanks again for all your help. We will be starting our trip early Weds. Hope you are ready for us to visit you.

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