Sad week

If you’re looking to get cheered up then you’re at the wrong spot.

#1. A plane crashed in Eden Prairie. It burst into flames on impact and killed both passengers (53 year old man and a 29 year old woman). This is a rare event to happen so close to home. I was working and didn’t respond to this incident.

#2. I found out the next day that the 29 year old woman who was killed was the wife of a co-worker. Although I had never met her, I work with her husband Gene on a weekly basis. I attended her funeral yesterday. I was proud to see over 20 other co-workers – and this was the longest processional I’ve ever been a part of. Given the circumstances, everything about the funeral and burial was beautiful. It was a Jewish service and I really liked the way they approached life and death. For instance, at the burial, we were all asked to help bury Irene (Rivka), and although it was work, it wasn’t to be rushed, so we were to use the back side of the shovel to lift 2-3 scoops of dirt each to put on the coffin. She had recently competed in a cross-country all-female airplane race and they had to write facts about themselves. They read all of her facts at the funeral – it was touching – especially #8 “I do not like time. It always goes too fast.”

#3. Colleen and Christopher have been coughing for just a week. That was their only symptom. Nothing else. Just a dry cough. So we brought them into the doctor this past Saturday…they both have pneumonia. We were shocked. I stayed home with Colleen today as the antibiotics seemed to make her worse, or she knew at this point she had a sympathy card to play that was guaranteed to work.

#4. My dad has turned into a tropical storm.

#5. We thought a mop ate our dog but then we found her again.

#6. Megan may have chickenpox. It’s the strangest thing – there are dots everywhere.

#7. Colleen’s ego can no longer fit in her bedroom so we need to build an addition. Colleen had her picture in the newspaper twice for safety camp (including once on the front page).

#8. We haven’t had time to pack yet for our upcoming weekend up north (Grand Marais). I can almost taste Sven and Ole’s “Uffda zah” pizza.

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    You’re right . . . the first few items weren’t very uplifting. How tragic for your coworker and the family. Can’t believe Colleen and Christopher had pneumonia, but hope they are feeling better by now. Tell Megan I love her polka dot nails. Maybe she can paint mine when she comes in October!!! Did Colleen have to bake another pie for the fire station? She’s pretty lucky to make the papers twice!!! Seven weeks from right now I’ll be hugging all of you right here in NH!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Grampa T says:

    Sounds like you are ready for a weekend up north. Hope you have a good time. Don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of pizza. Is it something we can order next time we go to the pizza shop?

    I looked at the link for your coworker’s wife. Sounded like she enjoyed life, especially traveling and helping others. What a tragedy. Her fact #8 is certainly true. The service sounded nice. I’m sure your coworker appreciated the support of everyone.

    Pneumonia in the summer. That would shock me too. Hope Colleen and Christopher are doing OK and their bout with it won’t disrupt the plan for your weekend up north.

    That was a nice picture of Colleen in the paper. Safety camp sounds very interesting and beneficial. Was Collen able to guess the professions of all the safety councelors?

    My name has made the newpapers (and TV) too. You may have seen some pictures of me. Luckily Hurricane Bill looks like it’s staying out at sea. We may get some rain from it, but right now it doesn’t look like there will be strong enough winds to do any damage on land.

    Orca must feel a lot better after her hair cut. I bought some “treats” for Casey last week – new stripping comb, shampoo, chew bone and tooth brush & paste. I gave her a bath and stripped some of her fur, but haven’t got around to brushing her teeth. That should be fun…

    Megan’s hands and feet look great. Glad it wasn’t really the chicken pox.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Aunt Katherine says:

    Now your brother is a tropical storm too. Danny will be dumping rain on us this coming weekend.

    Orca looks like Snoopy with her haircut.

    Hope the kids are feeling better. Sarah has a cold with a cough, now you have me worried that it might be something else. She might be walking by the time you are out here in October!

    Take care!

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