Spring is sprung?

Remember with this new gallery format that you may have to click a few times on pictures to get them to a bigger size and then may have to hit backspace (or the back button in your browser) to see all of the photos again.

This weather is insane! It’s still March and everything is green and growing! People are out and mowing when typically we still have tons of snow on the ground. What a lame winter! Think I’ll get the snow tires off of my car this week – that’s sure to jinx everything. I got all of our lawn furniture out today (with Megan’s help) and pulled a bunch of weeds. It’s a sure sign of spring when Beth sprinkles stinky stuff all over the yard (darn bunnies!). In a week or so we’ll be playing in the water park for spring break. We have four families going this year which should make for a fun time – with I think over twelve kids. I also made the reservations for Grand Marais this week – that’s only 4 months away 🙂 I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been really busy lately – band concert for Colleen (french horn – can you find her in the very crowded picture?), dance recital for both Colleen & Megan (Christopher’s reward for going was getting to ride the craziest rides he could find at the Mall of America – the picture has him holding a joy stick that spun/stopped him with 360 degree range while hurling around in a circle on a track), swim lessons started, kung fu is prepping for belt testing for both Christohper & Megan, and increased fire calls for some unknown reason. Colleen is also doing an extra dance event this year for the first time – a duet with another girl in her dance team. They have been having fun coming up with fun tricks to do…here’s Colleen practicing one of them:

Colleen cartwheel trick video

I spent 5 hours in the evening last week at a big house fire. The garage was fully engulfed when we arrived and the biggest concern was making sure the neighbor’s house didn’t catch fire due to all of the heat. If you look closely in the picture with the fire fighters you might just see someone you know putting on an air pack (just don’t tell my station or I’ll have to buy pies). This morning (Sunday) we responded to a single car wreck on the highway. An elderly gentleman totaled his car (with his wife by his side) – lucky for them the wire barrier in between the highways did it’s job and completely caught his car and prevented it from barreling into the oncoming 60 mph traffic. The last we saw of him (remember, Sunday morning, about 10 a.m.) he was with the cops walking the yellow line for a sobriety test…I don’t think that was going to end well for him. Very lucky he didn’t hurt anyone.

This past Friday night Colleen had 3 friends come home with her on her bus. Then they got busy painting on t-shirts and writing bizzare stuff all over their arms and faces. And then…Beth took them and Christopher to go see The Hunger Games on opening night. Megan and I went and saw the Lorax at the same time. The theater was packed with weirdos waiting in line to see teenage kids kill each other (go figure). They all loved it and Beth & the kids all lied to me and said the violence and mature themes weren’t that bad at all. Beth said the girls held hands the entire movie (and sat in the front row) and screamed and jumped at all the right parts. What fun!

Life is good and very busy. Hope all is well with everyone.

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