Summer – Part IV (b-day)

Megan’s 9th Birthday

My favorite food is…Mommy’s mac-n-cheese
When I grow up I want to be a…person who makes people have babies (which we clarified to be a nurse who helps deliver babies and helps take care of the mommies
My favorite restaurant is…Noodles
My favorite possession is…Pengui (penguin stuffed animal)
My favorite color is…blue
My favorite song is…Hunger Games I Wanna Go
My favorite book is…Spirit Animals
My favorite movie is…Catching Fire
My favorite holiday is…Christmas (because of presents)
My favorite season is…winter (so we can sled)
My favorite thing to do is…play video games
If I could do anything tomorrow I would…go to the north pole and meet Santa!
It would be a really good year this year if…I met Peeta and Katniss

Hard to have a birthday any more without a dirt cake. It turns out that Megan didn’t even want a dirt cake but asked for it because a girl at her party last year asked her if she was having a dirt cake again. Megan says she doesn’t like cake…she’s realizing it a lot earlier in life than I did…pies is where it’s at.


We had an outdoor beach ball themed party. Here are the girls running through the yard on a scavenger hunt.


And in the pool. And then to the trampoline. And then to the hammock. And repeat, repeat, repeat. We had an absolutely beautiful day for the party!


Look who showed up at the party. The girl that found him and was playing with him remembered about half way through eating her cake, etc that she had been holding him a lot. Hee hee. You ate frog germs.


Dogs don’t belong on couches, laps, or hammocks. Not in my house. No way. And don’t give me that look.


Megan loving her legos.


The ducks didn’t make a nest in our yard or around our pond as far as I know but momma duck proudly marched her ducklings through our yard so we could see them. Thanks momma duck!


On the kid’s dream list for the summer…sleep on the trampoline! Check that one off the list!



2 Responses to “Summer – Part IV (b-day)”

  1. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    Always love the birthday favorites. Glad you clarified the 1st one, but in today’s world who knows? Not sure I’ve ever had a dirt cake. I don’t remember mom making one for any of you. I’ll stick with my favorite – carrot cake. I think my two frogs have moved on. Hope they didn’t become dinner for a snake. At least if they don’t come back I won’t have to worry about trying to make a frog habitat again. Not sure why you don’t think dogs belong on hammocks. Orca looks very content with Beth. Sleeping on the trampoline sounds fun.

  2. admin says:

    I haven’t had carrot cake in a while but they always taste good…I’m not even sure that I ever got a pie for my birthday this year…maybe I’m getting old and forgot.

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