Where’s da snow?

Happy 2016. I started this in December when we had no snow…the snow finally came right after Christmas. And then the cold weather came too. Winter is finally here by early-January 🙂

This post was a bit delayed but I’ve also been blogging as part of my Boston Marathon training.

Christopher took 10′ of dental floss and wound it around and around and around some nails in board. He kept winding and winding…and ended up making a functional bow string that he got to test with an arrow that he also made. It all worked well – at least he’s getting some use out of the dental floss in his bathroom!


Colleen hurt her knee at dance practice and couldn’t bend or straighten her leg. Her leg was stuck, and she was stuck. We took her to urgent care. As soon as we swung her legs out of the car to get her into the wheel chair, she said something “popped” and all of a sudden she was back to normal. Yikes. The MRI showed that her knee cap shifted and got stuck on the fatty pad of her knee. Ick. Apparently she has higher knee caps than normal – anyone else have these in our family? She’s back at it again and finished the season strong!


I am still a big believer and follower of my dream list. This one has been on my dream list for years and years, so we finally made it happen. I got my pool table! And a ping pong table to slide on top of it too! It’s been a lot of fun for all of us to play games nearly every day. Love it.




And here’s the man in black all spiffed up for his band concert. Christopher now plays the bass clarinet.


Working our shift at the Scout tree lot (not many trees left at this point thankfully). It was a cold day with frost covering all of the firewood but we managed to get a roaring fire going! Hot cocoa never tastes so good as it does at the tree lot in the middle of a 4-hour frozen shift each year.


Megan wanted to make ginger bread cookies – so we did! She is a master at decorating them. And I helped with some crazy cookies too – can you tell whose are whose?


Merry Christmas!


And they laughed at the bungee chairs. How cute they are watching Harry Potter together.


Great as always to have my parents in town. Thank you for making the trip after Christmas and staying through New Years!


The kids got a rock tumbler for Christmas. It spins and spins 24×7. We dumped some clunky, dirty, drab rocks into it and after a week of clanking, clinking, spinning, grinding, and knocking we starting to see their true beauty emerge – only a month more of this to go! 🙂




Orca and me drinking our morning cup of coffee like we do every day together.


Ninjas? Robbers? That one kid in Fat Albert? -10F air temp. Perfect day for sledding, boarding, and falling! The great part about cold temps is that the sun usually comes out!







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  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    So glad we could make it out for a visit and glad also that the weather cooperated. Thanks again for everything while we were visiting. We really enjoyed the “Sound of Music” outing to St. Paul. With all the phones in our pockets I’m surprised we didn’t take more pictures, but glad we took the ones we did.

    Was Christopher’s bow and arrow for Scouts or just a way of putting dental floss to some use? By now Colleen is probably back fully into the dance team activities. Glad the problem with her leg wasn’t serious and didn’t slow her down too much. Since we got to see the rocks after a week of tumbling I was glad to see what they looked like at the beginning. Have you moved the tumbler back to the kitchen counter? I’ll be interested in seeing the final product.

    I’m looking forward to watching the final four episodes of Harry Potter with Megan. Looking at Chris near the fire pit, did the fellow ever get back to you about the plaque for yours? Hope the indoor fireplace people made it out as planned and that project is proceeding. We’ve been using our fireplace more this year after we had it checked out and we spent all the $ on making it safe.

    Hard to believe the end of Jan. is approaching. We’ll be looking for signs of spring before we know it and you’ll be looking for ways to cool off as you train for the marathon. Will close here and maybe see how easy it is to comment on your running blog.

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