RNC = Rafter?

We made our first trip to the arboretum this past Monday night. Every year they have a theme (e.g., tree houses, bugs) and this year it looks to be “trees”. They were just starting to get their displays setup throughout the area. We walked a while and then drove on the 3-mile loop to get to the large maze. The kids love the maze – or at least they think they do until they get lost somewhere in the middle. Last year Beth and I went to the lookout tower at the end and tried to watch the kids wander through the maze. At one point they were both crying and lost – it turns out that Colleen thought she had two bees in her hair and was scared to move anywhere. So she just stood there and cried with Christopher not sure what to do. It’s shocking they wanted to come back… On the way to the maze we saw at least 7 wild turkeys all grouped together (warning, Cliff Clavin moment: I now know this is called a “rafter” of turkeys – you’re welcome, that will save you on jeopardy some day). They always look so huge in the wild. It was hard to get the kids to stay still long enough to take a picture – but I managed a few.



I know, I’m old and turning into a bird nerd. Check out the Cedar Waxings in our stream – the tips of their wings and tail look like they’ve been dipped in brightly colored wax. I count at least 8…


And the best part of spring…our first strawberry-rhubarb pie of the season made with rhubarb from our yard. It was a huge self-realization a few years back when I realized I am a pie person and definitely not a cake person. All my life I’ve been eating cake at birthday parties, weddings, etc and never really enjoyed it. Cake won’t make me happy, it never does, so don’t even offer it to me, ever, eat it yourself. Pie on the other hand…yummy…any kind will do…


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