Back to school

School started this week.  Yes, this week.  Yes, I know everywhere else in the country started a week or two ago.  Why so late?  Because Minnesota kids are so smart the rest of the country needs a week or two to catch up.  So what do you think of Palin?  Caught fishing without a license – totally unacceptable – that’s where I draw the line.  I can’t stop laughing at the comments now about her and the situation her daughter is in…this makes her more real…this makes her one of us…we love her even more now.  I don’t remember Bill Clinton suddenly become more real or becoming one of them after he got caught doing you know what with you know who.  The nude photos are coming…you just wait.  While I’m on the border of political topics, here is Megan at the state fair with her new hero in the background.

And we managed to get a picture of Christopher and Orca…he isn’t as camera happy as the other two.

Megan still won’t put her down…poor little puppy.

Here’s why we call her Orca…or maybe it should have been Jaws.

Ok…the one’s you’ve been waiting for…the first day of school (which was yesterday for Colleen and today for Christopher).

After a rough first week of school why not come home and relieve stress by swinging uncontrollably over a mud filled pool.

2 Responses to “Back to school”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Really enjoyed all the other pictures, but a little concerned that Al Franken is Megan’s new hero. If so, why doesn’t she have her usual pretty smile?

    Hard to believe school has started. Best of luck to all the young students in your family. I know they will do well and learn a lot.

    Has anyone landed in the mud filled pool yet? Looks like fun.

    Orca certainly fits in with all the other “cuties” holding her. As always, enjoyed all the photos. Keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  2. Dave says:

    Megan is in a serious mood when it comes to picking candidates. She doesn’t joke around about Al.

    Christopher was the first to fall in the mud! Covered his entire back, bottom and legs. Megan didn’t fall in the mud but has fallen backwards off of the ladder – yikes.

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