St. Louey

I promised I would put some pictures up from Beth and the kid’s trip to St. Louis. The week they got back is when Raja died, and then we went on vacation, not to mention focusing on the Olympics, and then we were distracted by political BS for a few weeks, and that’s most of my excuses for waiting so long.

I searched the Internet but I couldn’t find a rule that says if you went to a certain school in northern Indiana that you always had to force at least one of your kids to wear a t-shirt from there.  That made it challenging to find pictures to post, but I think I managed to avoid most of it.  Go Boilers!

Megan and Hayden in the backyard.  He’s half as young and twice as big as Megan 🙂

Colleen and Helena in a hot air balloon at Six Flags.  This was right after Colleen got stung by her first bee ever – in the ear – she didn’t even realize she got stung.

Chillin’ back at the crib.

 At the zoo, hanging out with the penguins, getting wet by the water misters.  The St. Louis zoo is great…and free!

Everybody at Grant’s Farm.  The kids got to feed goats and see clydesdales and play in water and ride a tram.  I have never been there, but Beth says she found out they serve free beer…bingo!

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Ouch! A bee sting in the ear sounds like it would really hurt. Funny Colleen didn’t know it – must be a real tough girl.

    Looks like St. Louey was a lot of fun for everyone. That’s quite a group of nice looking young children. Its good your children have so many their age they can get to know and have fun with when they visit Beth’s family in St. Louis.

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