Silly Season

Fall is such a wonderful season…lipstick, pigs, pit bulls, subpoenas…who could ask for more.  Just when we were starting to think this was going to be another boring election year.

So Christopher’s first day of school last week couldn’t have gone better.  It turns out his bus driver didn’t know where the route was so he waited at the other end of the block…and also was early…so Christopher missed the bus going to school.  And then when it was time to come home the bus pulls up and Colleen gets off…but no Christopher.  Beth asks Colleen “where’s Christopher?!??!”.  Colleen says she never saw him get on the bus…so Beth runs after the bus and calmly (yah, right) let’s everyone know they need to find her son who was supposed to be taking the bus for the first time.  The bus driver asks out loud on the bus if anyone is Christopher…he’s not there.  A bit of time passes and the bus driver goes from kid to kid on the bus asking them if they are Christopher…sure enough, this time Christopher decides to respond and he gets off the bus (whew).  But then Beth asks him “where’s your backpack?”.  He says he must have left it at school…at which point another kid walks up behind him and hands him his backpack…it’s going to be a fun year 🙂

Megan started preschool this week.  She is naturally more outgoing and loves it.  I’m guessing this is what I must have looked like on my first day too.  We’ll have to dig out some of my old photos.

Today Christopher scored his first goal ever in soccer.  It was the first (and only) goal of the season for the frogs.  He was stoked – so excited.  And even more excited to go get ice cream.  He also proudly told me today on the bus is the first day he ever got a pokemon card!  Big day for him.  Here’s our proud goal-scoring, pokemon collecting, bus-riding kid.

And here’s our fleabag…

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  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    That is so funny that Christopher didn’t get off the bus. I’m sure Beth was having a heart attack, but how funny! Gotta wonder what he was thinking. Hope the school year is off to a better start after that 🙂

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