They don’t make ’em like they used to

Recognize this costume?

I was in charge the other night while Beth was at a meeting so Megan and I decided to try on some costumes. Hard to believe that I wore this same hand-made one over 30 years ago. Megan was excited to wear it – we’ll see if that lasts for another month. I think both Colleen and Christopher wore it too at some point. She didn’t want to take it off and tried sleeping in it. We found out pretty quickly that Orca really liked it too – the mouse’s tail was irresistible to her!

These past few weekends have been very busy. Last weeked was soccer pictures so we had pictures at 11:00 and 12:30 and then games to coach (and play) at 3:00 and 5:00. This weekend was just the two games to coach, but I ran a 5K this morning and had a fire call in between. The weather is absolutely perfect. 70’s and dry and sunny. I got mad at myself for being lazy a month ago and registered for several 5k races and a bike ride. For 5 consecutive weekends I have either a 5k or 30-mile bike ride. I’m around 26 minutes for each race – I doubt I’ll ever run much faster than that – too much work. This last one was great because instead of posting the results as minutes per mile they posted the results as minutes per kilometer. 5:06 sounds a lot better than 8 something.

Colleen scored a goal in soccer the night after Christopher did – I love the feeling of watching them do that. It was awesome to see Christopher’s first goal ever. It’s a lot more common for Colleen but she still gets excited. We treat them to ice cream afterwards so we are all rooting for a lot of goals 🙂

Colleen’s team is the bumble bees and Christopher’s team is the frogs.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    The mice (in costumes) are as cute as ever. Doesn’t seem that long ago that your daddy was wearing it for the first time. If there is anything left of it, there might be others who will wear it years from now. Hope you all have lots of fun this Halloween.

    Congrats to Colleen and Christopher for their soccer goals. The main thing is to have fun and learn to work as a team, but scoring is very exciting and should be celebrated. Go bumble bees and frogs !

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