Crazy Eights

Colleen will be ocho tomorrow.

Here’s what’s on her mind…

My favorite food is…mommy’s chili and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

When I grow up I want to…be an artist

My favorite stuffed animal is…all of my Webkinz

My favorite color is…light green

My favorite song is…Crazy Frog

My favorite holiday is…Halloween

My favorite season is…Winter (because I like to sled)

My favorite thing to do is…play with friends

If I could do anything tomorrow I would…go to Build-A-Bear workshop

We had her birthday dinner tonight because they eat dinner at church after choir tomorrow (every Wednesday).  Things are good.  The kids are all enjoying school.  Christopher is mastering the bus (all he talks about is getting to trade Pokemon cards on the bus now).  The puppy is still keeping us busy and happy.  We had an absolutely beautiful week this week.  The days are getting shorter but we’re making the most of it.  Here’s Megan in the stream.

And our beast on the Bosu (she’s king of the hill).  She has actually used this to launch herself onto the couch.

2 Responses to “Crazy Eights”

  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    Happy Birthday Colleen!! I hope you guys had fun celebrating. Orca is so cute. I love the picture of her laying on the ball. Hope you are all doing well. I’m getting more tired these days. Can’t believe I only have 5 weeks until my due date! Talk to you soon.

  2. Grandpa T says:


    It’s hard to believe you are eight (ocho) years old already. You are growing up so quickly. You are a great older sister and are growing up to be such a nice young lady. Keep up the good work in school and everything.

    I enjoyed reading your favorites. I wish we could have been there to help you celebrate your birthday. Enjoy being 8!

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