Bang bang

We live in Minnesota – you’ve got to learn how to shoot at a young age.


Speaking of being Minnesotan, Megan was sitting in her car seat yesterday and started saying to herself, “Duck…duck…grey duck!”. Noooooo, that’s so wrong!!! It’s “Duck-Duck-Goose”! Next thing you know she’ll be saying “spendy” and “can you borrow me a dollar” and she’ll be cutting her hamburger in half before she eats it. Where does it end?!?!?

Here are the monkeys playing outside in the stream.


Colleen had her last Brownie meeting of the year tonight.


Christopher woke up early with me today, so we got a special treat – 5 ducks outside all at once (only 4 are pictured). We caught the female wood duck flying up to the bird feeder. She barely fit on the edge, but she kept at it. Two male mallards ganged up on momma mallard. Christopher said “look dad, they’re fighting”. Maybe he was right, but I looked up the gestation period of mallards just the same (23-29 days in case you’re wondering).


2 Responses to “Bang bang”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Hi, Just to let you know I checked out & really enjoy your blog & keeping up with what’s going on in MN. Wish we could make it out & join you in all the fun. The video clip of the train was weird. Keep up the good work. We enjoy it.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m glad you enjoy it. It forces me to take more pictures and notes about what’s happening with the kids so it is GREAT for me too. You are welcome to come out and join in the fun anytime! I’m going to use that train whistle as the ringer on my phone šŸ™‚

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