Darn tooth fairy

Can you tell what’s missing from this picture?


Colleen has been working on a tooth for weeks. Every few days we hear “it’s really loose now!” (we typically hear that at about 9:30 p.m. for some reason). So…it finally came out this week – hooray! Colleen did all of this hard work to get her tooth out, but then…I woke up yesterday at 6:30 a.m. with Colleen saying to me, “Daddy, the tooth fairy didn’t come last night”. Can you believe it!?!?! The tooth fairy skipped us – no way!!! I went straight to the Internet, my one trusted source of truth for EVERYTHING. Apparently this happens all the time – who knew? The tooth fairy can be picky about what type of bag you use, and if there is a zipper on a bag, and something about if there are cows in your backyard that can distract the tooth fairy too??? We read the most important thing is that writing a note to the tooth fairy really can help out. So we’re going to write a note and Beth is going to make a tooth fairy pillow. See if that helps the silly tooth fairy get her things in order!!!

I thought we’d make it through all 3 kids with none of them using a pacifier. I guess I was wrong – Megan is reverting back to being a baby now.


We had some strange suburban graffiti sprayed on our lawn, rocks, and driveway earlier this week. Of course no one talked to us about this or what’s going on. Why would we care – we only live here?


On day two it all became a little more clear – but still, of course, no one talked to us – other than to put a note on our door saying we wouldn’t have water from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. As soon as they leave I’m going to have the kids fill their hole back up.



Real quick updates…Christopher almost scored a goal in soccer tonight. Colleen got 8 quarters from the tooth fairy. Megan has a blue mustache. And I’m so happy to see comments from everyone on the web site – THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    The easy part is switching the money for a tooth — just hope you never get a request for the tooth fairly to draw a picture of herself.

    Did they find what they were looking for?? Nice of them to let you know. I hope they left the keys in the Bobcat and other toys so you could play with them. I got to try a neighbor’s Bobcat a few years ago. That backhoe looks like it would be fun to operate. You could really expand your pond and give the ducks a little more room for landing with that.

    The pacifier actually looks better than that spooky looking doll in the other picture.

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