Our first blizzard since living in Minnesota. Snow, wind, snow, wind, snow, wind, big drifts, more snow, more wind, and more big drifts. A blizzard is different from a snowstorm in that the winds have to be > 35 mph and visibility has to be < 1/4 mile for more than 3 hours. Today was supposed to start with basketball at 8:00 a.m., kung fu testing for their next belts at 10:00 & 11:15, followed by bell ringing with Christopher for scouts and a birthday party for Colleen. Instead, we've done nothing. All schools and the community center are closed and we've been lazy all day. I went out to shovel earlier and a neighbor came over with his snowblower which was great. I'm still not ready for my own snowblower but when the snow is over 12" and higher where there are drifts I don't mind the help. I like the exercise but I'm not complaining today. But 2 hours later and it looks like I never shoveled at all. Tomorrow it's supposed to drop below zero (way below with the wind chill) - this is what winter in Minnesota should be like every year!!! I'm going to the fire station a little bit later to do a 3-hour shift. We had people there all night last night and all day today. I can't imagine what the highways are like but...funny timing...a fire page just came out requesting one of the stations to help the police close down the highway that runs through Eden Prairie. Wheeee. I'm at P4X right now (4 days into P90X). Who knows if I’ll keep it up but I need something gimmicky every so often to keep me active. It’s a lot like boot camp which is good. I can’t imagine somebody who is out of shape starting a program like this – talk about demoralizing. It’s always about this time of year that I start thinking about a spring ski trip to Vail and stair climbs up the tall buildings in Minneapolis in Jan & Feb and realize I need to get more active.

Colleeen has had a few recent dance performances. Guess which of these two pictures is at the Gopher women’s game versus the Gopher men’s game?

Here is the 2nd place photo for our Christmas cards this year…went with the outdoor theme. What can I say – Palin inspired us. We were hoping to have the kids posing with a caribou that they shot but luck wasn’t with us on our big hunting expedition in the back yard.

And here’s Christopher trying to survive this morning in the blizzard of ’10. He was out there sledding for a bit (and Megan joined him) but it was so windy they ended up trying to build shelter with their sleds. Survival skills are important out there!

Everybody should have our Christmas lists by now…so leave me alone…bah humbug.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    You can keep the snow. We’re having 2 days of rain. Sure glad it’s rain and not snow. All this precipitation would have been a lot of snow. It was slick this morning when I went to work at 7:00. Everything was coated with a real thin layer of ice. Don’t think too many salt trucks made it out because by 8:30 it was raining and cleared all the ice. I was glad they didn’t salt – they usually put it down way to heavy.

    Let me guess – the girls in gold were at the women’s game and the girls in red at the men’s. Nice pictures of Colleen. She always has such a pretty smile and looks like she is having a good time.

    Also liked the 2nd place photo – good to see the kids looking so happy and healthy. Looking forward to seeing the 1st place photo.

    Enjoy the snow and keep it as long as you want. I have a feeling we won’t enjoy it as much as your family when it finally arrives in our area.

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