Darn rock

I make a crappy detective. I came home tonight and found our trash can half way up our driveway, standing up. I then noticed marks where it had been dragged from the middle of our yard to this spot on the driveway – but there weren’t other marks near it. It was windy today…but not THAT windy. And it would be amazing for the wind to first blow a mongo trash can way into my yard and then to blow it back upright in my driveway 🙂 . Maybe a neighbor saw it laying in the yard and picked it up for us – but why??? So I went to get the mail and only then noticed tire tracks through part of the front yard…yes, straight into the rock that had already been hit twice this year…yes, leaving tiny plastic car parts scattered in its path…and they must of first completely blasted straight into the trash can because it was a good 10 – 15′ into the yard without leaving any tracks. That must have been a sight to see 🙂

Eagle Heights had their annual family fun night. Aunt Katherine was here a year ago for family fun night 🙂 The kids had a blast – Colleen got 2nd place in hula hooping for her grade. She chose a bad hula hoop so was at a disadvantage – but she did great anyway. They made the kids raise their hands over their heads and clap and hop on one foot and spin in circles – all while hula hooping – out of my league for sure!

Christopher loosened up this year and let them spike and color his hair. Monkeys.

Look how much fun the kids can have when left unattended with tape and a marker – I should package these together, come up with a cool name, and make millions.

Here’s the mutt getting a snack outside…ought to send her off to the circus…

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    How does Orca stay clean? She looks so white – do you give her a bath often? Tell Beth “Good Luck” when she plants flowers in those containers this spring!! Tell Christopher I like the red spiked hair and think he should keep it that way. Way to go Colleen – you must be very coordinated to keep a hula hoop going while doing all the extra things they asked of you. When I was a little girl, we used to see how far we could walk while keeping a hula hoop going. Not sure if I ever made it around the block or not. I don’t think I could even keep one spinning now for 10 seconds!!!

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Sounds like your family should stay in the back and not in the front of your house. That’s the price we pay for living on racetracks. We should know, we live on one too. I liked our street so much better before they repaved it a couple of years ago. Now it is a racetrack for high school students. Last year I saw a kid slide into the snow bank (it kept him from hitting the fire hydrant). Monday mom heard a noise and (didn’t realize it at the time) saw the stopped car that had just hit our mail box. I can fix it and imagine the car suffered more damage. I almost saw an accident the next morning (as I was looking for a car going by with a big scrape on its side) – a car didn’t stop (as usual) and pulled out as a pick up truck was coming down the hill. Mom wondered a few weeks ago why I wasn’t clearing snow at the end of the drive – no way was I getting close to the street while the race to school was going on!

    Great job Colleen. Glad you had fun and did such a nice job with the hula hoop. You’ll have to teach Christopher and Megan so they’ll have as much fun as you.

    If I had more hair to work with, I might consider getting it colored and spiked. I would probably color mine green, but I liked the red hair on Christopher.

    We don’t remember Dr. Spock recommending putting tape on children’s mouths to keep them quiet, must be something new. Looks like they’re having fun even though you taped them up. I liked the coloring they did on the tape. I could hardly tell who they were because they were disguised so well.

  3. Aunt Katherine says:

    I think you should set up a camera to watch the activity that takes place on your front lawn… I wonder how many more people slide into your yard without you even knowing it. Where is the picture of the tire marks and car parts?? I’m glad Erik and I don’t have that problem, although, it wouldn’t matter as much because our yard isn’t anywhere near as nice as yours.
    I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I was out there! What a difference in my mood since then. I hope I can get out there with Sarah at some point this year. Give everyone hugs and kisses from me!

  4. Dave says:

    I know…the kids were disappointed I didn’t take pictures of the car tracks this time too. The kids had a lot of fun hearing all of your comments (I just read them all to them) – maybe we’ll have to try the webcam again sometime, huh? We just did “family movie night” and watched Kung Fu Panda, followed by a pudding sunday bar 🙂

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