Quack, Quack

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard came back today for the first time this year. The weather got up to over 60F. Momma Duck was quacking up a storm this morning. I don’t know what he did but she was really letting him have it. Probably arguing about asking for directions to get back to our pond. Orca wasn’t sure what to think about them – hopefully they can all be friends this year. I also counted over 30 BIG fish in the pond today. This is the first day that I have seen fish this year – guess I’d better get the pump running again. It was amazing how many people were out walking, jogging, biking, etc today – I did a quick jog around the lake as part of bootcamp – it felt great to be out there.

On Saturday we went to the Polar Plunge. We watched tons of crazy people jump into the lake. People are nuts. They couldn’t have asked for a better day though. This picture is perfect…got my kids in it, got firefighters in it (they are the ones in the suits in the water), you can see the bikini girls waiting to jump, and to the right you can see how thick the ice still is – probably about 1 1/2 to 2′ thick.

Christopher didn’t wear a jacket the entire time we were outside and not once complained about the cold (he just got back from Kung Fu – that’s his uniform). Next Saturday Christopher will get tested to be a white belt. Here we are out on the lake after “the plunge”. I think he’s ready for spring 🙂

Colleen was one of a few kids selected again this year to have her art work displayed at city hall. Here we are at the reception which is fun for the kids…

How come this stuff always happens on my shift???

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Glad the ducks are back – another sign of spring. We have flowers blooming in the front. I haven’t seen any robbins yet, but they have to be around somewhere. Mom went by King Kone and its open – a definite sign of spring. I know she’s glad she can drive by now and doesn’t have to pull in and put on an apron.

    I did a “polar swim” in Duluth many years ago when I took my scuba certification. After that miserable experience I never had any desire to scuba dive or take a polar plunge, but there are a lot of nuts that do it.

    Is Christopher in training for the next polar plunge? Looks like it might have been a little chilly without a coat, but looks like the sun was warming things up.

    I like the picture you made Colleen. Judge Grandpa T. gives you first place.

    You better find out who drew that sign and left all those toys on the steps. It looked like something from the movie, “Home Alone.” Grandma T. doesn’t leave toys on the steps, but sometimes I think she leaves the vacuum cleaner a little too close to the top of the stairs.

    You mentioned the web cam in a previous comment. We wondered about that recently also. We’ll have to schedule a practice session soon. Might be best to make sure both ends are working correctly before we test the patience of the kids while we’re trying to figure it out.

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Update – I knew they were here! I just looked out and saw two robbins.

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