Kung Fool

It’s been a very busy week. Christopher got his white belt in Kung Fu, Colleen did a show for U Can Danz at the Mall of America, Colleen had a concert at school too, the kids had dress-up day at school, and the ducks are back in the pond day and night. And soon (well…a week away) we’ll be splashing and sliding at the Great Wolf Lodge.

I’m not sure what to think of these guys from Purdue…too bad they don’t focus more on inner beauty 🙂

Because the kids at Eagle Heights read so many books for their read-a-thon they got to have a “dress up as your favorite character in a book” day. Luckily the same people who ruin all the fun at Halloween haven’t started complaining about this day too. Colleen went as the magical Aunt in Purple Pickle Juice and Christopher was a random cop because he had the costume and superman didn’t fit him any more 🙂

Christopher had to go before a panel of seven black belts. They each rated the kids on who knows what because somehow all of the kids passed and got their white belts. Christopher seems to enjoy it – I just need him to grow so all of his punches aren’t aimed directly at my groin 🙂

Here’s Colleen at her show at the Mall of America. She did two routines. The second routine ended with her getting picked up in the air by her friends. They dropped her in practice right before the show started so we had our fingers crossed when they did it for real…

You can’t go to the MOA without spending 100 bucks on rides and food…when easily spent our ‘Bama Bump this week – doing our part to boost the economy.

Here’s Colleen’s 2nd grade class with Sra. Roos after their concert at school. Sra. Roos has been with the kids for 3 years now…it’s going to be sad when they finally leave her in a few months.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Congratulations Christopher on getting your white belt. I’m sure they’ve told you that martial arts is training of your mind as well as your body. Keep up the good work.

    I like the costumes – the magical Aunt, policeman and the cute little princess behind the policeman. Hope you enjoyed and learned a lot in the read-a-thon.

    Your dance group is doing a nice job Colleen. Wow – the arena, Mall of America – what’s next Radio City Music Hall and TV?? Nice job, but be sure and remind all the others that it’s not much fun to get dropped.

    I like your class picture Colleen. Looks like you’ve made a lot of nice friends in class. I bet if I visted your class I couldn’t understand them though (because I don’t speak Spanish like you and your classmates).

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the rides at MOA, especially the big girl in the front car. Wish we could visit more often to enjoy the fun and all the activities you are involved in.

    Have fun at the wolf lodge.

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