Disc Golf

Clay is gay????  Shocker.  Never saw that coming.  Anything to take the attention away from our gloomy economy or that PTA lady running for VP.  Purdue’s going to trounce Notre Lame this weekend, at Notre Lame.  Sweet.  Played some disc golf after work today with coworkers – again, another beautiful day.  We played at Bryant Lake which can be a bit unforgiving – luck was smiling on me today though.  Here are some pics and a short movie clip to show off both the scenery and my incredibly disciplined form.  Still shots of sports always make you look dumb.

In this one, a coworker is on the “alternate” tee.  We debated whether this was called the woman’s tee or short tee – both of which are clearly very offensive to short women, but then we saw the official “alternate” signage.  The “hole” is past her down the hill as it curves slightly to the right.

Again, note the beautiful form I show in this one.  Every finger, exactly where I want them.  This hole is completely blind – you have no idea who is way down the hill unknowingly in your path.  Not sure what happened to my disc in this picture – maybe it was moving too fast to be caught on film.

This quick clip shows the 17th hole.  You basically throw off of a cliff and have to pray that you’ll find your disc somewhere below.  In this video if you keep watching towards the end you’ll see his (Matt’s) disc way in the distance cross over the grassy area as it comes down.  The “hole” for this one is in the brown area past (and to the left) of the parking lot.


Finally, here’s a video of Megan (and my voice – could you have guessed that?) that has the kid’s near peeing their pants.  We’ve got it on fast-forward as she does animal noises (can you guess all of the animals?) and then sings “row row”.  The sound is a bit low so you’ll have to turn up your volume a lot.  It’s definitely funnier the louder it is.  Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Disc Golf”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    My guess includes an elephant, duck, cow, rooster, dog and a very bouncy something. We enjoyed this clip and have watched it many times – nearly with the same reaction as Colleen and Christopher. If I was into the “iPhone” technology I would carry this clip around with me to play when I occasionally run into someone who needs a little cheering up.

    Yes, the winters are long in Minnesota. Disc golf? Is this sport unique to Minnesota? When we were there people coundn’t wait to get outdoors in the spring to go smelting? Has disc golf replaced that? Definitely looks like a potential future sport for the Olympics.

  2. Dave T says:

    You’re close – elephant, dolphin (silent – me laughing), cow, rooster, and then her singing row, row, (row your boat). I have been thinking that you would enjoy disc golf and was hoping we could play this year if you came out. Maybe next year. I don’t know where all they play it, but we have several courses that have 18 holes which are 5 foot high chain baskets. They really do a nice course creating some of the courses. I’ve never heard anyone talk about smelting…I think the republicans killed all of the smelts with their drilling outside of Duluth 🙂

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