Tropical Party

Colleen had a tropical sleepover birthday party this year.  Only girls were invited, and I think there were 8 total.  Four and a half ended up spending the night (one left at midnight which wasn’t a complete surprise).  The party went great – Beth has always been a master at planning and running the kids’ birthday parties.  To keep with the tropical theme we played musical beach towels, pass the coconut (complete with a real coconut), and some kind of bizarre drag queen relay race including goggles, lei, grass skirt, and Beth’s old swim suit tops – the girls loved it!  They had a treasure hunt in the backyard and did some other things too.  It’s fun watching her friends grow up from year to year and seeing how they think and interact with each other.

It’s been busy lately. Watching the debates, watching SNL make fun of the debates, watching attack ads, avoiding all of the political phone calls – fun times. My mole was a blue nevus. Completely benign. I miss it already. I was relieved to see that when I googled ‘blue nevus’ that mine didn’t look anything like most of the ones out there – if so I think I would have removed it long ago! Beth’s parents will be in town this Thursday. Next weekend we have some college friends coming up. The weather is still great – getting colder at night but they’re saying we’ll have some more days in the 70s.

I coudn’t believe I got a call the other day asking for Uncle Dave. That was great news (although a month earlier than we all expected)! Congratulations Katherine and Erik, and welcome into the world baby Sarah!!! We look forward to meeting you in January at the wedding!!!

One final picture of our tired little baby…eating a lollipop.

3 Responses to “Tropical Party”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    The tropical partly looked like fun – especially the relay race. Good thing it was played indoors or you might have had your neighbors wondering what was going on.

    What a picture of contentment and innocence – you must cherish those rare times when Megan is worn out and you two have a change to relax also.

  2. Brooks Thompson says:

    It looks like Colleen is having a blast at her birthday party. Beth does a great job thinking of such fun things for kids to do. Glad to hear that your mole was benign – since you’ve had one blue nevus are you more prone to have more appear? Do they usually grow on the face? I think we must have the most beautiful grandchildren in all the world. Miss Megan is absolutely gorgeous in the sleeping picture. You’re going to have your work cut out for you, dad, when she and Colleen become teenagers!!!

  3. Dave T says:

    From what I read on the Internet…which makes me an almost expert…the odds of getting any blue nevus moles are low, especially if you’re non-Asian (is there something one of you wants to tell me???). Pictures on the Internet show them growing anywhere and they are often big and not-so-pretty. Mine just looked like a darker mole – I would never have had it removed had they not nagged me. I don’t think I’m prone to more – but they certainly check EVERYWHERE at the doctor’s appointment so I have no doubt they’ll find any that decide to appear.

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