EPFD goes prime time

Did you see this video during the football games last weekend? I’m not in the video but there’s a certain fire department in this nationally televised video. Sweet.


We spent New Year’s Eve with our friends who have a house on a big lake in Eden Prairie. The ice wasn’t that thick but we still ventured out a little ways and had a fun time. The kids spent a lot of time with sticks attacking any dead plants poking up through the ice. We shot fireworks from the ice and our whole family had a sleepover that night. Fun times for all. And then the next morning on New Year’s Day I got up way before anyone else was even stirring and ran a 10K race 🙂

Christopher’s scout pack had an “ool” party a few weeks ago. Megan and Christopher spent most of the time blowing water through long foam tubes at anyone who got in their way. Megan shot most of her water backwards behind her but Christopher targeted head shots. Fun times.

Have you ever scanned the people of Walmart picture compilations? Always good for a sad laugh or two. So after swimming I promised Christopher that we would spend his $10 Walmart gift card that he was awarded for selling so much popcorn for the pack. It was a really cold day in early January in Minnesota but there we were in Walmart with my kids wearing flip flops and crocks – so here’s my “people of Walmart” contribution. Maybe next year I’ll have them wear spandex and tube tops too.

This year has been crazy in terms of very little snow. We get an inch or two every now and then but the weather gets above 30F and it melts soon after falling. Finally this past week we’ve gotten several inches spread over several days but I see warm temps next week too. This makes for interesting sledding conditions and wardrobe. Here the girls are playing in their pajamas while sledding on a pathetic covering of snow. Wheeeee!

No snow makes the kids be more creative indoors this time of year. Between the dog and other kids, Megan was lucky to build a chain this long!

I laughed when I first saw this picture. Doesn’t it look like Christopher just left his job as a Chip’n Dale dancer wearing a checkered g-string? This was us earlier today at the pinewood derby race. Christopher took 7th place in his pack – not bad considering I had him do quite a bit of the work on his car this year. Here are the 3 amigos, followed by results of one of his heats, and then some of the kids in his den.

We also just hit a major milestone in our household. Colleen lost her very last baby tooth/molar. Does that mean we can’t put off braces much longer???

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    It always looks like your family has so much fun no matter what they are doing. What a fun way to spend New Year’s Eve as everyone has a friend their own age. If the popcorn that Christopher sold for Boy Scouts is from Indiana, it’s what they sell here and it’s the best popcorn. Of course we do ours in a pan on top of the stove and not microwave, but I even ordered two bags this year. Too bad Christopher doesn’t live closer and I would buy from him. However, if he wants to sell to us and then deliver that would be great!! I’m surprised we haven’t heard from the girls about GS cookies. Next week you’ll get to spend time with dad – he looks great – I think his hair came in thicker and darker. Have a great time in Indiana. GO PATRIOTS!!!

  2. Dave T says:

    I think it is the same popcorn – we like it too. This year we have TWO girls selling cookies – maybe Megan will motivate Colleen to sell more 🙂 We’re excited to be in IN soon – looks like the weather may just cooperate. GO PATRIOTS!!!

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