Fluffy & Spot

It feels like I shovel snow every morning and night lately. And I love it. And they’re saying plenty more is on the way – we have a TON of snow on the ground and stacking up along the driveway and road and patio and pretty much everywhere. I still want to get a copy of that photo from Duluth when I was a kid and the snow drift was over our heads and the dog was way up high (hint, hint, if you can find it). I feel sorry for the people who don’t get to spend as much time really enjoying snow and real winters.

The kids are still in the backyard all the time. Today we had 4 different sets of friends over to sled on our hill. Colleen had two friends over and Christopher had two friends over but despite calling several people we couldn’t find anyone home or available for Megan to bring over – she’s struggling with being the youngest today and missing out on what the other two have. Get used to it kid šŸ™‚

Christopher is still really enjoying his big (well…not so big) Christmas gift…Fluffy. When he was naming Fluffy, Colleen said to him “Are you sure you want to name him Fluffy? What if your friends come over and find out you gave him that name?”. Made me laugh. He was undeterred and stuck with what he wanted to name him. Beth still wanted to name him Speedy after her first night with him when he chewed through the cardboard box from thet pet store while in our bathroom and Beth caught him just in time as he was headed towards the door to our bedroom. Yikes – Christopher almost never even got to see him!

Megan got to do a Build-a-Bear and chose to make a dog named Spot. Spot travels everywhere around the house with her and she’s proud to tell visitors how she built him and everything that she got to choose including the heart on the inside. Fun.

She still loves getting all of her stuffed animals together, here they are going for a ride in a multi-car train that she built. Seems like a fun ride until she decides to go up and down the stairs with them!

Colleen has very proudly mastered the splits. I know who she doesn’t get this flexibility from (although P90-X is helping in that department too). She’s getting to be quite the dancer.

And don’t worry, with all of the new additions to our house Orca still manages to get a bit of attention too.

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    Fluffy, Spot, Orca – they’re all cute. I can’t believe you have a hamster – how does Orca like that? Has Christopher gotten tired yet of taking care of the cage? The dog Megan made is really cute and much bigger than I thought it would be. Colleen is really doing a nice split – looks like it would hurt to me!!! I used to love the snow much more than I do now at 64 years. I can still say that for another 2 months. I went to Social Security last Friday and signed up for Medicare – when did i get to be that age?!!!??? Watch out here come the baby boomers. There is going to be a party for Grandma’s 99th birthday the Saturday after her birthday at Winfield Crossing for family and friends. Daniel told dad the other night that if he goes out this spring he would like to go too and see Grandma. We were glad to hear that. Dad said you just called, so I’ll say goodbye and we’ll look at the pictures you sent to him. Love and miss all of you.

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Enjoyed all the pictures and glad everyone is enjoying winter so much. We are enjoying it too – I’m trying to burn as much wood as possible before it rots in the wood pile, so all the cold and snowy days we’re staying inside and looking out at the snow.

    One of my favorite memories of snow when I was younger was sledding at the Big Hills in Rochester. Steve Skidmore’s grandparents had a farm and we spent many winter weekends sledding. Perhaps the best thing was the buttered toast and hot chocolate his grandmother served when we came back to her house. As I think about it snow didn’t seem to bother me much when I was younger. Thinking back on all the snowy mornings I delivered papers sometimes it was pretty rough going on a bike in the snow. When it was really bad Grandpa T. would take us in the car, but that wasn’t too frequent since he had work at the store he had to do while we were on our routes.

    Fluffy looks like he’s got a pretty good companion. Hope he doesn’t escape too many more times. He might not fare too well if Orca catches him first. Megan, great job on Spot. I really like how you dressed him (or maybe I should say her). Glad you had fun. You really have a pretty smile. Colleen, you have a pretty smile too and I can see why you are on the elite dance team. The only way I could ever do the splits would be if I fell on the ice, and then I probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for weeks.

    Keep having winter fun. Spring will be here before we know it. Hope Beth is enjoying winter as much as everyone else. At least the commute is much shorter now, so that should help some.

    Thanks again for the update we always enjoy them. We love and miss you all and hope to see you soon when the weather warms up.

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