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For whatever reason Megan (and even Christopher this week) were in the “take my picture” phase. Megan either gets her stuffed animals together or grabs Orca and wants her picture taken (and then immediately wants to see it on the camera). Christopher does the same thing but only with Orca. I’m sure this won’t last long so I’ll keep snapping photos.

Another Pinewood Derby has come and gone. This year I added graphite to our toolkit – it really made a difference. I bought it after I had put the wheels on the car – next year I’ll make sure to lube the car up before I assemble the wheels. We were fast in the first few races but slowed down a bit every race until we were just so-so at the end. Christopher did a lot of the work so I was glad it was as fast as it was. One of his friends had a really fast car so I asked him if he had fun making it. He said “no”. I asked what part of the car he built or worked on and he said “none, my dad did it”. I asked if he got to paint it or do anything else and he said “I got to touch it when it was done.” What fun! Here are some looks of anticipation waiting for Christopher’s car to go zooming by…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Kung Fu Panda…how about the Kung Fu Orca??? Here she is wearing her white belt…watch out…you never know what leg is going to kick ya…

Colleen did another performance at the Timberwolves game. Their shows get more elaborate every time…here is how they started with girls everywhere on the court. Good luck finding Colleen! She’s towards the left somwhere in gold 🙂

Here’s what Megan and Christopher thought of the performance 🙂 The game started at 7:30 p.m. so it’s probably after 9:00 p.m. by now and we’re waiting to pick up Colleen. They were handing out Diet Mountain Dew to everyone as they left the arena. Perfect – Mountain Dew to my kids at 9:00 p.m. – great idea! You need something to wash down the cotton candy!

What? You didn’t know Megan was a Brownie already? The things some parents will do to guilt people into buying Girl Scout cookies!!!

Beth wasn’t feeling well so I took the kids to church this week. It was a special day for the 5 year olds so I got to go exploring with Megan. We decorated a backpack, put on a safari hat, and then had to go all over the church on a scavenger hunt. One stop was the church’s library. Megan looked at the covers of a few books and then settled on a children’s book with two guys on the front called “My dad’s new roommate”. Life in a reconciling congregation…I’d better get prepared for all of the fun questions this may spawn.

Here’s my new Christmas gift in action…can you tell what it is? One of the tiny squares from my racquetball racquet…as seen through my new macro lens. Sweet. Can’t wait to see all of the bugs and flowers through this lens this summer.

Christopher’s joke of the day: “Doctor, I need a new butt…because this one has a crack in it.” I love it. Keep ’em coming.

So I made it an entire year without eating a single Girl Scout cookie. Yep. It’s true. I only made it about 10 minutes this year but I proved that I could resist them long enough. Thursday I fly out to Vail for my annual ski trip. It sounds like they just got 1′ – 2′ of snow between yesterday and today – sweet. Last weekend I ran up 50 flights of stairs (1280 steps) in 10 minutes 22 seconds. I think that shaved over a minute off of my time from last year. P90-X is doing it’s trick! Next year I break the 10 minute barrier!!!

The kids all made cards for Great Grandma T tonight so I’ll get those in the mail tomorrow. 99. Wow! It’s too bad I scheduled my ski trip on the same weekend as her party. We’re trying to figure out when we can get down there this year. Or maybe we’ll just wait for her 100th!!! Happy Birthday Great Grandma T!!!

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    I loved all the photos – keep ’em coming.

    Gald you had fun making and racing the pinewood derby car – and good that Christopher did so much work on it. Great job Christopher. At Lowe’s we are having clinics for scouts to make pinewood derby cars. Saturday we only had one scout show up, so Justin and I made a car together. He had lots of fun with the Dremel tool after I roughed out the basic shape. Luckily, Justin didn’t notice that I nicked my finger with the coping saw right after I said “safety first” – oops. We built a track a few weeks ago, so Justin had fun racing our car against others that had been built. I like the photo of your family anticipating Christopher’s car. It looks like your track is a little more elaborate that the one we built.

    Just when I thought I had picked out Colleen I went back and read your comment. I guess she wasn’t the girl in black I picked since you said she was in gold. Hope you had fun Colleen. Sounds like you’re doing a great job in dance. Wish we could see you perform and maybe we will get the opportunity some day.

    Megan, we’re glad you and your animals like to have you picture taken. We always enjoy seeing your pictures and what you are up to. It looks like the Mountain Dew and cotton candy might have gotten the best of you and Christopher. Hope you and Colleen had fun and success selling cookies. I don’t think anyone has asked us yet (hint, hint).

    Wow – I never would have guessed that’s you’re racket. I might have guessed some kind of climbing structure for the kids to play on. Bring on the bugs and flowers.

    Have fun and be careful on your ski trip. Sounds like the snow conditions will be good. Interesting books in your church library. I’ll pass on reading it, but will be curious if any questions arise. I liked Christopher’s joke – I’ll bet he’ll have others.

    We leave Weds. for Indiana and are looking forward to helping celebrate Grandma T.’s birthday. We will pick Aunt Linda up at Indy on Thrusday, so we three siblings will have a chance to get together and talk over a few things. It’s been several years since the 3 of us were all in Rochester at the same time. On the way back on Sunday mom is surprising Aunt Becka. She had a knee replaced 3 weeks ago, so that should also be a fun time in seeing how surprised Becka is to see mom.

    Thanks again for the pics and update. We always enjoy them.

    Love, Dad & Grandpa T.

  2. dave biggs says:

    We look forward to the update of your family. We will be back in Ind. the 1st. of April. Your kids are as busy as Graham & Avery. We are having a great time in Florida. Sure glad you like the snow we don’t miss it. Tell the kids Aunt Beth the I.U. fan said HI! I will probably have to send you a $1.00 tomorrow for the game tonight. Love to all, Aunt Beth & Uncle Dave

  3. Brooks Thompson says:

    Great pictures and fun stories – love to hear about all your fun events and what the grandkids are doing. Have a fun, safe trip skiing. We’re almost packed and leave tomorrow about 5:30 a.m. so sorry this is so short, but thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures and stories. We love them. We just opened the last box of thin mints from last year. I put it in the freezer and forgot about it!! It was a good surprise. Love to all. Mom

  4. admin says:

    Hey! Thanks for posting to my site! My parents have said you check it fairly often – glad you enjoy it. I’m in Vail, Colorado now on a ski trip with some co-workers. It should be a great 3 days of skiing – this is the most snow they’ve had in years. You should probably just put two dollars in that envelope for the game coming up in a few weeks!!! IU has recently knocked off some good teams despite their dwindling roster. Take care!

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