That groundhog was wrong

Did you check out that Purdue basketball game today? Ohio who? Not in our house. Boiler up!

Yesterday I think the forecast was something like 2″ – 12″. Today it was 12″ – 15″ and they think more is coming tonight and tomorrow but at this point I guess it doesn’t really matter. Here are a few pictures of our house, the road into our neighborhood, and me shoveling. Whew! Lots of work!!!

Ok, maybe those weren’t quite accurate (thanks Paul Douglas for letting me borrow those from your website – that’s the least you could do for being so wrong on this weekend’s forecast, huh?). Here is a photo from tonight. This morning we could see 100% of our patio…and tonight it is a different story. So here’s a question, if Beth is the one who wanted the little kick-me foo-foo dog then why am I the one shoveling the backyard?

I had to drive through the neighborhood this afternoon to pick up the kids from play dates. The road conditions were awful – I blew through several stop signs so I wouldn’t get stuck. I also feared for my life driving through my neighborhood – house after house had mean looking dudes wearing ski masks and goggles out front looking angry at the snow as they pushed their snow blowers around. Perfect day to rob a bank – you’d fit right in.

Christopher was star of the week last week in school. That just means that his parents get to stay up late making posters about how wonderful he is 🙂

I used to recommend that it is a good idea to create a chalkboard wall for your kids. I’m having second thoughts about that now. Grrrrrrrrr.

Has anyone read The Dream Manager yet? Created your dream lists? Or bucket lists? One of my dreams was to take some art lessons. I took a soldering class in the fall and made the ugliest jewelry you’ve ever seen in your life. Absolutely awful. Not my calling. So now I’m taking some water color classes – they fit with my open Wednesday nights and it is a TON better than that last class. Here are two of my paintings after a few lessons…the lighthouse painting isn’t done. I think I paint a few nudes next. Guess what everybody’s getting for Christmas this year?

I’d write more but it’s time to go shovel (again).

3 Responses to “That groundhog was wrong”

  1. dave biggs says:

    The I.U. dollar is in the mail again.

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Had me fooled at first with the snow pictures, but the photo with the cars was just too much – even for Minn.

    Nice poster and picture of Christopher. Hope he enjoyed being star of the week.

    I liked the drawing your kids did of their dad. Better they’re drawing on the chalkboard in your basement than elsewhere.

    I read the dream manager book and mom read portions of it. Still haven’t made any progress on our bucket lists, at least nothing on paper. Guess one of our first items should be to create our lists.

    Don’t suppose you want to talk about the Purdue game this week. I saw that Iowa beat them today by 2 points. That must have been a good game (although maybe not for the Purdue fans).

    Your paintings look good. Maybe I should put welding classes on my bucket list. I keep threatening mom that I’m going to buy a welder and start making lawn art – start saving scrap metal for me.

  3. Dave says:

    Sounds like Purdue was missing everything – blah. I shouldn’t be saying this but part of me hopes Ohio wins today – otherwise Purdue would have had a share of the Big 10 title. We’ve won many big games down the stretch but this never should have happened. Hopefully they channel their anger in the upcoming tournaments!

    Good luck with welding – definitely not for me – too much of a commitment and it’s not something you can easily work on and then pack up to work on later. Have fun with that 🙂

    Glad you read the book – did you like it?

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