Fresh eggs

We had a busy day today. I’m glad Beth’s parents were able to make it up to help with Christopher’s surgery. Momma duck took a short break today from sitting on the eggs to swim in the pond and get a drink. She let me take some pictures of her family-to-be.


I also saw a Boba Fett likeness on our water tower today. Not sure what he was going up there, but he seemed friendly and didn’t try to shoot me. Maybe Han Solo is in Carbonite in our water tower – seems like as good a spot as any.


Our backyard used to be covered in the spring with Dame’s Rocket. I since learned that they are a noxious weed so we’ve been pulling them over the years from our backyard. I don’t feel so bad because on the other side of our hill there are still a few (yes, this is still our yard). This is what cars get to see as they drive by.



We also ran our first ever garage sale today. The plan was to get rid of our baby stuff. We learned a few things…#1 – garage sales suck. We brought our stuff to our neighbor’s yard and hung out with them all morning. This was a neighborhood-wide garage sale so we should have had a big crowd. It was overcast but I’m not sure what else kept people away this year. We made $13.80 for the day – woohoo! We’re donating everything next week. Next time we skip the garage sale and just donate everything. Here’s Beth in her power sales mode.


2 Responses to “Fresh eggs”

  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    I wish Erik and I lived closer, we could totally use baby stuff!! Can’t wait to see the baby ducklings.

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Glad you included the link for Boba Fett. Don’t think I would have know that character.

    Dame’s Rocket is kind of pretty. Too bad it doesn’t know when to stop. When it takes over all of Eden Prairie, do you think they will be able to trace it to your backyard?? We had a similar experience with violets in our backyard. I think I have them somewhat under control finally.

    The huge hole in front of your house didn’t have anything to do with people not shopping at your yard sale did it??

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