Jello Art

Christopher had his hernia surgery Friday. Everything turned out great – and he is recovering like a champ! His surgery wasn’t until 1:00 p.m. and he wasn’t allowed to eat solids 12 hours prior to that. I don’t think Christopher has gone more than 3 hours without snacking in his life – this was going to be a true challenge for him and us 🙂 They said we could feed him jello beforehand…and Beth went crazy with it. Here is her rainbow creation.


Although I haven’t received a ton of requests for my picture on the web site, I know you’re all wishing you could see more of me. Here is my reflection in the Jello mold (taken by myself) which I have entitled “Nude jello reflection #2”.


Christopher happened to have his surgery on Beth’s birthday – here they all are a few hours after we got home from the hospital. It is amazing how fast he was feeling great considering he has two incisions and one is an inch long.


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  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    What, no pictures of the incision?!?! Hope Chirstopher is recovering well.
    And, hope Beth had a very Happy Birthday!

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