Oh no she didn’t

How do you like our stream and Iris in this picture?


Hopefully that is all Raja sees too when she looks over this area. Look closer. I caught Mrs. Duck today doing exactly what I told her not to do…sitting on eggs. I’m excited to see little duckings (in less than 28 days) but I’m not so sure that she picked the best spot. She is well hidden, but does she intend to have a dozen little duckies following her around in our pond. Yikes!

On the bright side, I get to continue to say “MR Ducks” – do you remember this one from when you were a kid?

MR Ducks
MR Not
CM Wangs?
LIB! MR Ducks

Megan helped me fill the hot tub this weekend. It started leaking over the winter so I drained it (and got to fill every single jet with antifreeze on a zero-degree day several months ago) – what fun! I love these pajamas she’s wearing, and what a devilish grin she has, huh?


Schooner Days came and went this weekend. This is the fair at Round Lake that comes every year for Beth’s birthday. Actually, Beth and I found out we’ve been saying it wrong all these years. Good thing we have the kids to correct us – it is actually “scooter” days. Silly us. Here they are absolutely petrified of this high-speed helicopter ride!!!



This is Colleen’s last week of school. 1.5 days left. Monday they went to the zoo. Beth felt bad for the other two kids so she took them to the zoo on the same day (I’m not sure if they saw Colleen while they were there or not). Here they are with some big rat thing that likes to dig holes.


The other thing I did last Sunday was go to the memorial service for the fire fighter’s wife that died. I’ve never been to anything like this service. If anyone says even a tenth of the nice things about me that they said about her then I’ve lived a good life. There must have been over 400 people there and they had great music and wonderful speakers that said amazing things about Karen. It was inspiring. We should all live life to its fullest. No time to waste – get going!

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