Poop Ahoy

Christopher was my big helper all day yesterday.  One of our tasks was to pick up doggie doo doo and he got this great idea to yell “Poop ahoy!” every time he found some poop for me to pick up.  He must have yelled that 50 times – and it never lost its charm.  I’m going to start using that when I’m in public restrooms from now 🙂

Colleen had her school play last week.  She did two dances and also had a speaking part (in English) to announce the next dance.  For one of the dances her class all made their own not-so-cute masks in art class to wear.





We are also getting ready for our first ever garage sale. The kids have sworn to buy back most of their stuff at the garage sale, so I can already tell this is going to be a fun day coming up. Here’s Megan stuck in her exercauser and loving it! I was inspired by one of my co-workers who took Thursday and Friday off to run a garage sale at her house – she told me Friday she made a grand total of $6 dollars the day before – whoohoo!


Christopher has surgery scheduled for this coming Friday (Beth’s birthday). He has an inguinal hernia. This is the same thing that Beth was born with, and that Megan already had surgery for. They are going to fix a slight undescended issue that he was born with while they are in there, something we previously had decided was way too minor for surgery. Did I cross any lines and give too much detail? Or should I post some pictures too?

Poop ahoy!!!

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