Memorial Day

We visited Fort Snelling on Memorial Day. I had only been there once before, probably about 10 years ago. We did a volunteer day there with KPMG and afterwards listened to Kirby Puckett give us a motivational speech. I remember at the time that I had never even heard of him and didn’t know who he was. This was a bit before his groping incident with the floozy in Eden Prairie.

This time, they were dressed in character, and fired a cannon and their riffles. The cannon was incredibly loud – and the blast blew your hair back.


We noticed that their flag is a little dated. Someone ought to fix that.


I know it is a bit early, but for my birthday this year all I want is sleep. Megan is the only one sleeping through the night now, go figure. Christopher’s entire head is filled with snot so he has sounded like a pug the past week – gasping as he eats, and gasping as he sleeps. Hopefully this is a cold and not allerergies – I don’t think I can put up with it all summer!

Christopher spent a while yesterday completing coloring my Heron with chalk. He was pretty proud of that.


For his punishment I made him cut the grass (check out the scabs on his arm – those have been there for over a month. The boy has switched from picking his nose to picking his scabs!!!).


Colleen is loving gymnastics this year. I picked her up last night and they let me go out to the mats and see all of the new skills that she has learned. They said she can go to level II now (if we let her take a class over the summer, otherwise she stays at level I in the fall – what a scam 🙂 ). Here she is showing off her bridge.


And here’s Christopher’s…


And here’s Megan’s…


The Celtics just managed to pull off a win – go KG! They need to win one more now against Detroilet.

2 Responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Fort Snelling, but I don’t think it’s for me. Just thinking about the cannon makes my ears ring even more. At least I don’t have to worry about it blowing my hair back.

    The heron looks nice with the coat of chalk. Nice job Christopher.

    Ouch, Colleen’s bridge makes my back ache. Maybe I should try it though. It would certainly make my back crack. Nice job Colleen. Keep up the good work. Christopher’s and Megan’s briges are more my speed.

  2. Aunt Katherine says:

    I remember when I could do a bridge… not anymore. I wish I still had that flexibility!!
    I look at your three kids, and hope that baby Diedrichsen is as cute as they are. I hope you didn’t steal all the cute genes.

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