I scream u scream

Last week was the final preschool class for Christopher and the final 2-year-old class for Megan. Friday morning they each had a post-class gathering with their classmates. Here is Christopher’s class at the playground. Check out the ratio of boys to girls – lucky guys! Megan is in there too, and for the only time in her life is the only one looking at the camera!!


Later that night we went out for ice cream. This was our first visit of the year to Adele’s for frozen custard. This has always been my favorite ice cream place – good treats, great atmosphere, nice relaxing drive to get there. They are in Excelsior which is right on Lake Minnetonka. It is hip and fun and where all the beautiful people gather all summer to play with their expensive toys on the lake.


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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    Yum! Yum! When I visit in July, I want to go to Adele’s for ice cream. Did you get a malt ball in the bottom of the cone? Did any of you get chocolate?

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