Golden Goofers

Remember that women’s basketball game I was so excited to go to??? It finally came!!! All I have to say is – “wow”. Non-stop excitement. How do you know it’s a slow game? When your kids can take as many pictures as they want with Goldy. I think he knew all the kids by name when the game was finally over.

Colleen was the star of the show once again – all eyes were on her (although it’s hard to tell looking at this crowd – did they really come to watch a women’s preseason exhibition college basketball game???).

Here the kids are making their scariest faces – whoa Christopher – dial it back.

Here’s our annual leaf picture. The kids had a blast as usual running down the hill and jumping into the leaves. We had a bunch of neighbors over one night for a bonfire while the kids ran around in the dark and played in the massive leaf pile. One of Christopher’s friends came over and asked if I had a flashlight. He found out the hard way that playing “let’s hide my black hat in the 20′ pile of leaves at 10 p.m. at night” wasn’t such a good idea.

And finally, this feels like such “dad humor”, but here’s the “big rock” I got Beth for our anniversary – yucka yucka yucka. Megan had a blast running from the front yard to the back yard following this dude. When he would pick up the rocks in his bucket she would sit on the rock and raise her arms over her head and cheer for him – and then race through the garage to the backyard to beat him back there. Nope – I’m not telling what we’re doing. You’ve got to come visit to see.

Are you ready for the excitement of the week??? Are you sitting down? Here it is. I made my second cat rescue on the fire department. I’m 2 for 2 on rescuing cats. Beat that. Last night we’re driving home from training and we hear radio traffic that a cat is in a tree. The call wasn’t paged out but since we were driving back to the station and this was practically on the way we decided to stop by. We get there and we hear that there are 5 cats in a tree in this lady’s backyard. They aren’t even her cats. At this point I think each one of us was thinking how can we sneak out of here 🙂 So…I got one cat down, and the other guys chased two of the cats way up higher in the tree near wires. Oops. All in a day’s work.

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    Wow, sounds like you are keeping busy this time of the year with Timberwolf games, playing in the leaves, having friends over and moving rocks. That Megan is someting else and she is so darn cute!!! Can’t wait to see all the improvements you’re making in the back yard. I can’t imagine seeing right over to the neighbor’s house when you’re in the hot tub. Hope all your new trees grow fast!! Please send suggestions for Christmas ASAP – can’t believe it’s so near! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Beth’s parents – wish it were us visiting, maybe next year. We’re going over to Daniel’s that day. Hugs and kisses for everyone. We love and miss you.

  2. Grampa T says:

    Does Minneapolis have a Bobcat tour of the city – like the Segway tour? Maybe we can go together and rent one. I bet Megan was hoping for a chance to ride in it or drive it….? I hope he took the keys out if he left it overnight.

    Daniel, Preston and I went to a train show in Willmington, MA. It was a nice outing, but the vendors far out-numbered the train displays – the American way. Couldn’t believe the prices I saw on a few Lionel antique engines and cars, just like the ones we used to enjoy seeing fly off the tracks 50+ years ago. While we sent south, mom, Jackie and Cameron headed north to a craft show.

    You are right. When I enlarged the photo it looked like all eyes were on Colleen, with one exception – the lady at the bottom in blue heading up the steps. Is Colleen always the one they hold up high or do they rotate that honor? Hope they are careful.

    Christopher must have used up all his scary faces a month ago for Halloween. Looks like he is growing and slimming down.

    Speaking of leaves, I better get outside and try to pick up the rest of ours. They pick up leaves tomorrow for the last time this year, so I want to get all of them out at the curb that I can. So far I’m over 90 trash barrels for the season. Dave across the street had the high school service club rake his last week. He has over 120 bags lined up ready for the leaf crew tomorrow.

    Uncle Phil and Aunt Pat said Mandi and her boyfriend were going to be in Eden Prairie. Did you have a chance to see them? Hope you have a real nice Thanksgiving. Tell Beth’s parents we say “hello.” Love, Dad & Grandpa T.

  3. Aunt Katherine says:

    You can’t be putting a pool at this time of the year, can you? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Erik, Sarah and I spent the day with Erik’s family. I need ideas for the kids… please send ASAP!
    Tell everyone I said ‘hi’

  4. admin says:

    Nope, no pool. Probably not ever, but at least no time soon. The more we talked about it and got thoughts from others the less it made sense.

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