Good things happen to good people

This entire week has been amazing. Incredible how many good things can fit into one week.

Saw Grandma T. Nice that it was split over several days with multiple visits. She was doing great.

Saw Dad. Ditto.

Got to light a birthday cake with 100 candles in it (well…99 candles in it…we found one later; and we only could get about 80 of them lit before it turned into a massive fireball) and no one got hurt. I was so looking forward to doing this. It was great but next year Grandma gets “1” “0” “1” – not 101 individual candles.

Saw several roommates. It’s great to have such great friends.

Went to a Purdue basketball game. Sat in 3rd row. Got to be on tv throughout game so Beth & kids could watch me from home (can you find me in the pic below?). Good guys won.

Got some great food in Chicago (Ed Debevic’s and Giordanos pizza). Just so happened to be there on a Thursday night which is the night that Navy Pier is free – sweet. Got to jog in Chicago and watch the city wake up – I love that. We both still miss a lot about Chicago.

Thought I was doing a fire presentation to just 20 kids in Megan’s class on Wednesday but was surprised with a request to do 3 classes at once and talked to 75 kids. The kids were so cool and kept calling out “Hey firefighter Dave” for the next 30 minutes as I saw them in the lunch room and at recess. They fought over who would get to sit with me – Megan moved tables in the lunch room 3 times. Each time she would get up to switch tables we would have all the tables around us also get up and run over to our new location. Finally we got it so Megan got to sit with who she wanted 🙂 They sent me awesome Thank You cards to Senor Thompson that night. So cool.

Beth got some GREAT news this week. I’m keeping it on the DL (that’s down low mom) on the Internet. Never know who reads this stuff 🙂

We became the official 2012 who-kept-the-Christmas-lights-up-in-the-neighborhood-the-longest champions! Common – it’s only mid-February and everybody else gave up, not even a real competition this year.

Tonight we did the wish “reveal” for my Make-A-Wish child. Absolutely fantastic. His family is incredible. His smile lights up the room. They had tons of friends and family over for a huge catered party (lettuce wraps with PF Chang’s recipe, ribs, clam & scallop chowder, crab cakes, pot stickers, creme brule, molten chocolate cakes – my kind of dinner) and we opened up a big gift wrapped box and balloons popped up that were tied to Mickey Mouse’s arm. He was so excited. This organization and the connections it creates is so powerful and the wishes are magical. The entire night was filled with very uplifting conversations. Be thankful for what you have and give back.

It will be hard to top this week but you never know.

Two funny things this week.

#1. We got home from our trip and Orca had escaped from the confines of the kitchen (we had a boy up the street watching her who has watched her before). I knew the only reason she would do that is if she had to go to the bathroom. So I start searching all over the house. In the upstairs kid’s bathroom she had gone #2 but she did it on the linoleum floor. Smart doggie 🙂

#2. Christpher was telling me that I was the best daddy ever. I forget what he had done or was trying to get out of but he was being sincere about it. Our button pusher child #3 decided she needed to cause some trouble so she snottily says…”well that means that when you get older and you’re a daddy you can’t be the best daddy ever. What will you be?” I loved the logic. Too funny. They eventually decided that I could be the best grand daddy ever and that Christopher could be the best daddy at that point. I see a button – let’s push it!

Here’s a video: Granda T cake

I’m trying a new format with the pics – let me know how you like this. I think you can keep clicking a few times to get bigger pictures. But maybe you’ll have to use the Back button in your browser to get to the blog text again – seems a bit awkward but it’s faster for me so let me know what you think.

4 Responses to “Good things happen to good people”

  1. Katherine says:

    What an awesome week. I’m so glad that you were all able to go out and celebrate Grandma’s birthday. She looks great. Dad said he had a great time. I was in Nashua yesterday, so I got to see all the pictures. I will give you a call one night this week. I am so curious as to what Beth’s GREAT news is… my imagination is going crazy right now 🙂
    I also want to talk about plans for this summer. It seems so early, but it’s almost March. Talk to you later.

  2. Brooks Thompson says:

    Reading this blog just made me smile the whole way through. So many fun and rewarding things took place for you and for your family. We also need to call, or better yet have Beth call us and tell us the good news. I leave for Florida on Friday until the following Wednesday. Megan must have been so proud that “Firefighter Dave” was her dad. I loved the story about being the best dad. You sure do a lot with your kids and I’m sure they think you are the best. So glad you and your friends got to join Grandma on her 100th birthday. Dad was glad to see everyone, too. It looked like a fun celebration. We’ll talk to you soon.

  3. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Wow! What a week for me too. It was great getting together with your family. Tell Christopher that I want a Monopoly rematch in August. The birthday party was certainly the highlight for me and (since Wynnfield is still standing) the cake with (almost) 100 candles was a great finale. Grandma seemed to enjoy all the activity and was a good sport with everything. I laugh everytime I watch the video as she is trying to blow out the flaming cake.
    You certainly had a great week and Beth’s news is certainly the icing on the cake. CONGRATULATIONS! You should both be proud of your accomplishments and contributions you are making. You are great role models, not only for your three young Ts, but to all the lives you are touching. I don’t know that much about Make-A-Wish, but it sounds like a wonderful experience for all involved.
    It was nice seeing your college friends again. You certainly do have a nice group, with lots of stories to reminisce about, I’m sure. All the kids played well together also. I couldn’t spot you in the game crowd. Give me a clue. I got together with a couple of good high school friends as well. We had a good time looking back on our younger days. We went to the Dugout and then stopped by to see Grandma. She remembered Louie and Steve and they had a nice visit with her. I also enjoyed the train ride and being able to reminisce with Linda about our younger days and all the blessings of Grandma and Grandpa that we took for granted as we were growing up.
    I gave mom the dollar and printed out the picture to give to Beth. She is on the way to FL now. I’m sorry she couldn’t join us in Rochester, but am glad she was able to get away to visit with some of her classmates and Beth and Dave. After last year, she needs some time to relax. She was with me every step of the way and it wasn’t always easy for either of us.
    You might have a tough time winning the last of the Christmas lights contest in our neighborhood. The neighbors across the street keep a string of lights lit throughout the year. They don’t celebrate Christmas, but have a variety of decorations – frog, penguin, lights, etc.? You must take after me in this area. If mom would let me I would keep the candles in the windows all winter. I like the peaceful way they look at night.
    The new picture format is fine. It might take an extra click to get back, but if it is easier for you it’s no problem on this end. I also checked to make sure I could copy a picture if I wanted to print or put it in a digital frame. It worked fine.
    Thanks again for helping to make my week so special and helping Grandma celebrate her VERY special day.
    Love, Dad & Grandpa T

  4. Purdue Pete says:

    Thanks for all of the great responses. Life is good. I felt bad that my comments about Dad and Grandma T were so brief but I could have gone on and on about it. Especially the older I get the more I treasure those times. I was really glad we got to see everyone over the span of several days – that was great! And I’m glad Dad got to spend so much time with Linda and high school buddies – that’s great. Enjoy Floriday mom! I’ll tell Christopher about an August rematch for Monopoly – I’m glad we are all planning on that trip – I’m really looking forward to it. Take care everybody.

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