Warning – here comes a whole bunch of randomness…

I’m bringing the kids luck at their soccer games. I got to watch them both score goals in the past week. Colleen is a scoring machine but Christopher on the other hand is our staunch defenseman. I was the substitute coach for his team last week so it was even cooler that he scored under my watch. Soccer hasn’t quite clicked for him. He looks at it as social time where he can catch up on all that’s happening with his buddies on the other teams. He’s quite the chatterbox out there!

Beth’s parents were up again all last week – they are a huge help with everything, especially since school let out for the summer on Tuesday. It seems like every night we keep busy doing something these days too.

I ordered my “complaint free world” bracelets today…wish me luck. Google it.

The kids made Indian headbands on their own last week. I then asked them to make their best Indian face for the photo. I don’t think any of them had a clue what that meant, probably because we aren’t allowed to say “Indian” any more in school. Criss cross applesauce faces???

This week is sports life church camp for the kids. This will also be their first week at the YMCA for the summer. Colleen goes to a water park tomorrow and Christopher goes Thursday I think.

I’m busy helping organize a car wash in a few weeks for the fire department so that we can raise money for Relay for Life (cancer). I’ll be at Beth’s family reunion for the actual Relay for Life this year (I’m very bummed about that but the family reunion will be fun too). I don’t ask for money very often on this blog but if there is one event that you want to support me on this year then you should pick the Relay for Life. No pressure (ok, a little pressure) – you should be able to find my name at one of these links on the Eden Prairie Fire team (the first link should work but if it doesn’t you can find my name on the 2nd link):

See…the fishies do survive the winter. The pond is really coming to life – all of the plants in it survived the winter which is way cool. Hopefully the water lilies (with their flowers) will come back in full force this year – the flowers are awesome to see. We saw an artist a few years ago at the Uptown Art Fair that I thought was really cool. He painted and cut metal shapes (copper I think) but the art I really liked was looking down on a pond just like this. I don’t know where we’d put it but here’s my hint to Beth (hee hee) – Michael Bruckdorfer was his name.

I saw Up today with Colleen and Christopher (while Megan went to the park with Beth). Up was good – funny parts here and there with grown up themes. I think it just may change my life…as soon as I can get enough balloons saved up…

Ok, enough rambling for today.

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  1. Grampa T says:

    Hi all –

    Great job on the soccer field. Most of all – hope you’re having fun!

    Nice that Beth’s parents are able to come up to help so often. Bet all enjoy the visits. Maybe someday we’ll have a little more mobility and availability, but for now we’re looking forward to seeing all of you in August.

    Nice job on the headbands and I—— faces. I could tell who they were imitating without even reading.

    Good luck to the fire rescue team and your family in supporting such a worthy cause. We hope you make your goal.

    Our “pond” is still just a hole dug out of the hump in back. The weather hasn’t been that great for working outside. It will probably change to being too hot and humid soon. At least maybe the black flies will have gone by then. I don’t think ours will have much vegetation (unless pond scum qualifies) or fish. I’m mostly going for some water noise from water falls to mask some of the ear ringing. Even if I don’t get around to it soon or we don’t like it, filling it in will be a lot easier than digging the hole.

    Orca never looks like she’s too starved for attention and what a pretty smile on her “handler.” Glad she is as willing to pose for the camera as the kids. We always enjoy the updates and seeing what all of you are up to.


    Dad & Grandpa T.

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