Slip sliding cheese curds

Schooner Days happened this weekend. This is the 3-day carnival that comes to town for Beth’s birthday (it came a week early this year). It raises between 20 – 25K and I think we contributed at least a 4th of that this year. We went all 3 days 🙂

This morning I got up early so that I could start a 1/2 marathon at 7:00 a.m. in downtown Minneapolis. I’ve only ever run a total of 13 miles in a week twice before, and I’ve only run 10 miles 2x in my life, so I wasn’t sure how today would go. I finished in 2:06, or 9:40 miles. No complaints. My goal was to finish the 1/2 marathon before the full-marathon people passed me – I easily did that. It was a beautiful morning and this was the first running of this race so they only had 2,500 people enter it 🙂

Every year I like to see a deer in my yard and pick up a turtle somewhere nearby. The turtles are out in full force so I can check that one off my list for this year. Megan and I spent some time inspecting a turtle that was smashed in the street too – Colleen wouldn’t go near it. Although Colleen helped me name it…Flat Stanley.

The past few years there was a snake in our yard and pond. I knew where he liked to curl up in a few spots and I could find him pretty regularly. Maybe the last time I mowed the yard last year Mr. Snake showed up in a new spot and I chopped him in half. Bummer. The past few years I’ve also had a little tree frog that likes to stay on the edge of the hot tub. I usually push him down to the ground when I go in the hot tub so he doesn’t get smooshed. Sometimes he would jump into the hot water so I would have to work to catch him. He always was on the side of the hot tub…so the past several weeks I’ve been watching out for him. Well…he decided to change his location too and ended up getting smashed behind the hot tub cover. I’m slowly unintentionally killing all my woodland friends. Note, I had nothing to do with the duck eggs getting eaten – can’t blame that one on me.

We are in desperate need of rain. It is dry, dry, dry – maybe the driest May on record. Perfect time to bring out the slip-n-slide. Colleen now has a 2-piece bathing suit and Christopher is puzzled by what he’s calling her “swim underwear”…

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