Running with scissors

This is absolutely by far the fastest any year has ever flown by in my life. Unbelievable that it is almost June. Insane. And things are just starting to pick up too…

Beth’s p’s are in town this week. We’ve had a good visit – the weather has been great for sitting outside and chatting – low 80’s tonight. This past weekend Colleen had a performance, the kids had soccer, we did the Crohn’s walk, and I ran 11 miles without stopping (not bad, eh?).

Here’s Megan running with scissors!!! The kids cut some flowers from the yard for Mother’s Day. Colleen was still sleeping at this point but the other two were up and ready to make some breakfast for mommy.

Here’s Colleen leading the line for Crocodile Rock. How fitting since Beth and I just saw Billy “I can still throw a great concert” Joel and Elton “lame and low energy” John a few weeks before.

Colleen up top…

Here we are at the Crohn’s walk. And this is the bathroom line before the walk (hardy har har).

No lie, Colleen and Christopher’s favorite part of the walk was the bus ride to the park. They were fascinated – bouncing from seat to seat – maybe next year we’ll just ride the bus back and forth. This was probably the worst event like this I’ve ever attended – logistics weren’t great and the walking loop was small. They can learn a thing or two or three from the March of Dimes walks.

Proof that we were there supporting Aunt Katherine. I’ve donated my share to Crohn’s this year between this walk and sending Aunt Kat money – so SEND ME THE LATEST KATHERINE’S MOVEMENT T-SHIRT or you get NO MORE SUPPORT NEXT YEAR. I’ve earned my t-shirt. No more warnings. Get it in the mail pronto.

We stayed and played after the walk, and then watched an African lady behind us balance a whole box of yogurts and water bottles on her head in line. Scroll up and she is the one all the way on the right in my “bathroom line” photo. That was probably Beth’s favorite part of the walk. The lady said she hadn’t done that in over 20 years but that box stayed on her head like it was glued there. Cool. Can you find all 3 kids playing?

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  1. Grampa T says:

    Guess what? – Time doesn’t slow down as you get older. Your Grandpa T used to say it seems to go faster the older you get. I think he was right. Glad you are able to fit in all the activities – especally doing things with your family. Those years do go by really (and too) fast.

    Good you had time for Mother’s Day celebration, Crohn’s walk, Colleen’s performance, soccer games and the 11 mile run. Is that your longest so far? Makes me tired to think about it.

    I’m glad Colleen wasn’t as high in the pyramid as I first thought. At first I thought she was 3 high. Then I realized that the girl sitting in the center in the first group wasn’t actually holding up the group in the back.

    Speaking of time passing quickly. Colleen is certainly growing up to be a nice looking young lady. Hard to believe #9 is just around the corner. Also hard to believe Megan will be 4 in a couple of months. Looks like Christopher is growing and trimming up. Keep enjoying them now. They’ll be asking for your car keys before you know it.

    Nice that Beth’s parents were able to make it up for a visit. We’re jealous, but looking forward to our visit with your family in Aug.

    I would say Colleen at the top, Megan next in blue and Christopher in red.

  2. Aunt Katherine says:

    I didn’t know you were doing the Crohn’s walk out there. I definitely would have donated. I just saw your note attached to your donation that you made to me. Thanks so much for all the support! I am working on the design for the t-shirts for the walk. You will definitely get one this year. I didn’t make t-shirts last year because I was the only one walking. I’ll have to come up with something good this year.
    I agree that this year has gone by faster than any other year. When I think that Sarah is almost 8 months, it makes me want to cry… how is it possible that she is that old. And, then to think that I can remember when Colleen was this age it’s even scarier.
    I will try to call this weekend. It’s been way too long since I’ve touched base. Give the whole family a big hug and kiss from me.

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