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Spring is here – every day when we do a garden walk there are tons of new things sprouting up. It all looks so manageable now. Hard to believe we will have completely lost control of the yard in another few weeks! Hopefully I’ll be able to plant the garden this coming weekend. All of my neighbors have mowed…I’m hoping I can get away without mowing for a few weeks yet!

Mini-marathon status update. This past weekend I ran 10 miles. I hated every step after about mile 5. And then I feel awful the rest of the day too. Why do people run this far (and beyond)??? Blah. If I don’t enjoy it and it makes me feel bad then part of me wants to quit (actually, I haven’t registered yet so technically I’m not quitting anything), but another part of me is saying this is as close as I’ll ever come to running this far in my life…so I’d better do it now.

We did the Arbor Day walk this past weekend too. This is the time of the year that we throw the saplings away that have been in our refrigerator for a year and replace them with new saplings ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok…we have a few to-do’s coming up…plant our new saplings and bury Raja (yes, she’s still sitting on the bookshelf). I can’t help but laugh as I type this. Maybe if I blog about it we will finally take care of it, huh?

I didn’t have the heart to tell Aunt Katherine months ago that right after Christmas, Christopher loaded up the Pokemon album that she got him, took it to school, traded it for a few crappy cards, and thought he made out great. Yep, that Christmas present was instantly gone. So…5 months later…that album apparently has been traded back and forth at school between Ethan, Havey, and Cap, and finally…Cap traded it back to Christopher (less most of the cards that were in it) a few days ago. Christopher is Mr. Happy Go Lucky and is happy to have his album back even if it is empty.

Christopher told me the other day that I shouldn’t say “hello” or “grass” since they both have bad words in them. He proceeded to say “you know, helllllll……o, but I don’t know the bad word in grass”. Ahhh, growing up quickly in the YMCA.

Hey Norm Coleman, the majority of Minnesota (including the people who originally voted for you) wants you to quit and stop wasting everyone’s money and time. It’s over buddy, pack up your crap and git.

Biking 30 miles this coming weekend. I’m thinking I should get my bike down from storage and put some air in the tires before Saturday morning. Beth reminded me a few months ago that for our “fruit and flowers” anniversary many years ago I gave her a bouquet of something and bought her tickets to Elton John…so…tomorrow night we see Elton John and Billy Joel. Yes, we’re old, and loving it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Grampa T says:


    I’ll see if I can comment still. Not sure what went wrong before other that Comcast had to try and help me get connected a few weeks ago. She had me delete a bunch of things so I was wondering if part of my settings were changed in the process.

    Enjoyed the pictures in your previous update of the two dancers. Christopher’s costume looked pretty neat. Nice he was supporting Purdue too. Did Megan share any new restroom wisdom?

    Ten miles that’s very good in my book. I can’t even imagine being able to run a full marathon. Talk about pain during and after. Good luck in the bike run. Hope you and your bike are up for it and the weather cooperates too.

    Does Christopher get a lot of his “education” from the YMCA. School bus time used to be another “educational” source and I imagine it still is.

    That was funny about the Pokeman albumn making the full circle. It’s nice that others as well as Christopher are happy.

    Well, I’ll hit submit and see what happens this time….


    Dad and Grampa T.

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