Viva los ninos de Eagle Heights

The kids did a performance for school on Friday night. Colleen did a dance for Colombia and Christopher did a dance for Purdue (funny that all the other kids thought they were dancing for something called Peru – go figure?? Viva Purdue!). After sitting an hour we were done with 3 songs out of 17, so Megan and I conveniently decided we had to go potty (and never returned – heh heh heh).

In two hours we’ll be doing our annual March of Dimes, March for Babies walk. As is typical, it’s supposed to rain throughout the day. Over the years we’ve had rain, snow, sleet, and even some sunshine – but somehow they usually get the worst weather of the month for this walk.

Last weekend I ran in a 50K team event for the park’s district (which translates to 8 miles for my portion of the run). I hadn’t run farther than 3 miles this year and hadn’t even run that distance many times. I guess weekly boot camp and racquetball have kept me in shape because I finished with 9:25 per mile. This course is “off road” so you’re going up and down dirt, grass, and wood chipped hills, and even run up the backside of a ski slope on a narrow, single-file, rocky path to the peak of the “mountain” and then straight down the ski slope itself. I finished it feeling very strong, so…I’m contemplating running a 1/2 marathon at the end of May. My theory is that 13 miles is only 5 more than what I just did, and if I didn’t train much for 8 miles and I felt good at the end, then I can squeeze out another few miles with hopefully not any major problems (can you spot any flaws in this theory?). I don’t like to run, and really don’t like to run for no reason (i.e., training – blah!). Wish me luck 🙂

Have you ever watched any of those World’s Dumbest Criminals shows on TV? Christopher and I were outside and he yelled that Orca got into the trash. I went inside and found her running around like this:

Momma duck is finally sitting on her eggs fairly consistently. She may be a new mom – I’m not feeling as good about this as last year, but hopefully she’s got everything under control now. Here she is on the nest, and here she is off somewhere leaving her nest fully exposed for a long period of time. She’s pretty popular with the male ducks again so they get her distracted and flustered. Keep it in your pants fellas.

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  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    For someone who doesn’t like to run, you sure seem to run a lot. Love the picture of Orca… serves her right after she was going through the trash!

  2. Grampa T says:

    Hi – this is a test to see if I can comment again. I Haven’t been able to since last week.

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